Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Week 5 of my turnaround is now going well. Yes I subtley snuck in the "now' as I admit that after my MM dummy spit last week, I had a couple of days of "to hell with it, I'll eat what I think I really want." That lasted a day and half and by Saturday morning I'd had enough of the high carb intake and was looking forward to a nice salad for lunch. I took my mum out for her birthday and didnt look twice at the pasta or risottos on the menu, instead going for a skewered lamb salad that included olives, feta and a serve of tzatziki. Washed down with a glass of Wirra Wirra Church Block (red) and I was as happy as could be.

That goodness has continued into this week and despite having a dreadful day yesterday battling working mum's syndrome, deep down I was still feeling good.

My training was a little lighter over the weekend purely because of time juggling mum's outing and then having to get stuck into my next uni assignment. But I moved on both days and I'm happy with that. Whilst I'm keen to get leaner and fitter, my darling husband reminded me that I have struck a nice balance  in my life and going back to obsessively training twice a day or regularly busting out killer sessions should NOT be on my radar. And I know he's right because I have previously had a tendency to get obsessive and go way overboard making me difficult to live with.

So its onwards and upwards for me as I still have 5 weeks to make a diference by moving in the right direction. Not sure how close I'll get to my goal but as long as the journey is this easy and enjoyable then getting to the end is not the be all and end all.

XX Magda

Friday, May 27, 2011


It has been absolutely ages since I did any leg training with weights. From memory it would have been around October 2009 when I didnt have a good gym set up at home and started running more.

I've been tinkering with my training schedule lately and have decided to put legs back in. Yesterday was the first session and I took it easy just concentrating on form and technique, sussing out what my dicky hips and lower back could handle.

So just using a 10kg bar I did 3 sets of 12 squats. Hmm managed those, although it took a while to get any depth on the squat. Then I grabbed my bright green 2kg dumbbells (yes you read that right - embarassing I know) and did static lunges - 3 sets of 12 on each leg. Lots of concentrating and willing muscles to work had me eventually engaging my glutes and feeling the squeeze I was trying so hard to achieve. Then onto the big test - stiff legged deadlifts with the 10kg bar. Should be easy peasy with such a light weight but my lord where has my flexibility gone. Try getting a plank of wood to tip from the hip and get the bar down to the knees. I think I managed a few to the knees in the third and final set. Lots of twinges, aches and pains taunting me but nothing to lay me up. To finish it was 3 sets of 12 wide legged squats again just with the 10kg bar. The only exercise I considered "easy".

That was my leg training and by the evening I could feel mild DOMS in my quads and glutes. This morning it was stronger but not debilitating. Its just wierd to feel that momentary "OMG my legs hurt" when getting up from a sitting position. People are looking at me funny as I walk gingerly from my desk and down the steps at work. Yet again I am the source of amusement for them - like the wierd woman who gets up at 5am to run or lift weights .... why???

But I like this feeling and plan to do legs again next week taking my weights up very gradually so my hips and lower back adjust accordingly. I dont think I'll ever squat my body weight, let alone more but getting my legs stronger will certainly be a good thing.

Cheers all


Thursday, May 26, 2011


Well it had to happen eventually - I mean it ALWAYS does.

Since my sneeky peek at the MM on Saturday and liking what I saw then, the stupid bastard has had a "wrong way dickhead" moment and headed .9 in the opposite direction. WTF??!!

Now deep down I know this is completely normal as the path to weight / fat loss is never a straight line and I should look at what my measurements are doing (a very small change down on some and up on one) and what I ate last night (maybe too much salt - but no I actually had hardly any) to explain the lack of downward movement. WHATEVER!!

The fact is I'm pissed off and I wont pretend otherwise. Yes my inner-spoilt-brat-I-want-it-now girl is dominating in a loud voice. No happy feel good post today. Just me whinging and growling. GRRRRR.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


UPDATE ON YESTERDAY'S POST: Our teacher emailed today to let everybody know that the boy who was injured yesterday is well and that the outcome is not as serious as originally depicted. I am very relieved to hear this.

Although Wednesday has been my weigh and measure day, this week I will defer by a day and both will be done tomorrow. Curiosity is dominating my mind today though.

It brings to mind the interesting question of what drives you?

In this community of fitness bloggers where people come to share their perspectives, journeys and experiences its interesting to note the different emphases that we all place on our fitness and lifestyle pursuits.

I still follow the blogs of some figure girls although I ntoice that less and less of them are blogging these days. The figure competitor's life is an intersting one as it flips from off season / maintaining / muscle building to on season-now-its-time-to-strip-the-fat mode. Both phases have clear goals and strategies to achieve them. It sort of keeps life fairly simple (or does it??)

I follow a couple of running blogs as well and they are particular favourites as I'm in awe of the amazing running that some ladies achieve. I'd give anything to be able to run those volumes and distances but alas my hips and legs will not come to that party. So I'll stay recreational with the occassional 10km race and be happy that I can still do that. Life could be worse.

I love the blogs of the "fitness lifestyle" ladies that are striving to balance work, families and regular training coupled with good nutrition. I put myself in that category and I must admit its not always easy. Last night as I prepared today's lunches for myself and Peter I thought how much easier it would be to just chill out after work and then just buy our food today. I would have saved a good 15 to 20 minutes time in the kitchen last night when I was tired and recreational actvities were beckoning.

But I knew that investing the time then would more than pay off today and every other day. We are both eating healthy food at a fraction of the cost of buying it. Having it ready to eat saves the dilemma of going out and wondering what to buy. I know Peter would definitely make a less healthy choice if given that option LOL and as for me .... well I'm not a total saint either.

So that sort of answers my question about what drives me. I want to feel good .. no I want to feel great. I want to be few kilos lighter but I want to enjoy the journey of getting there. I want to look at my body in the mirror and smile back at myself. I just want to be the best me that I can be by balancing the physical with the emotional and dealing with the challenges that life throws me.

Are your drivers a lot different to mine or we all pretty much on the same page?


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Tonight over dinner my boy told us about an unfortunate incident of rough boyish play at his school today that resulted in a child being taken to hospital. No harm was intended during the play but a child was seriously hurt (the extent of which we dont actually know yet) in the group my boy was playing with.

I'm a bit shaken by this and thoughts of "OMG it could have been our son" keep entering my mind. Pointless, I know but disturbing to think about. My prayers go out to this boy and his family and I hope he is ok. I'm sure we'll be informed by the school or by our teacher at least.

In the meantime I give a silent but very heartfelt thank you for all that I have - and thats NOT the material stuff. My boy is sleeping safely in his bed tonight and for that I'm truly grateful.

Good night all



Today was a weight training day with chest / bis and abs on the "menu". It was my usual 5am wake up call and by 5.11am I was in my studio (read that "fancy shed" LOL) ready to go.

I knew that today was time to incraese my weights on my bench press. After 5 or so weeks on the same weight it was no longer challenging so time to up the ante. Now being a small(er) muscle group I aimed to increase my weights by about 10% and that would have been the 1.25kg plates (yes I'm a weakling but this is heavy(ish) for me). So on they went and I started my first set.

It felt heavier than I expected and the voices started. "Oh boy this is a quite heavy. I might not make the sets of 12." Then the other voice kicked in "What do you mean you might not make it, its only another 2.5 kilos. Suck it up girl." And this type of banter went on in my head for the 3 sets of 12 reps that I did manage to complete YAY!

As I unloaded the bar two exercises later I noticed that in my still half asleep state, I had actually loaded up the 2.5kg plates and therefore added another 5kgs to the bar. I had a little chuckle at this.

My body was quite clearly telling my brain that the bar was "too heavy" yet my brain responded with "no its not, just lift it" and my body obeyed. I'm still laughing at it. We read all the time about the power of the mind. My own SP left me with one of the most impressionable quotes that went "whether you believe you can or you believe you cant, you're right." And how true it is.

How many times do we sell ourselves short by convincing ourselves that we cant do x or y? That we couldnt possibly achieve .....(insert your own insurmountable challenge). By believing it to be so we WILL never achieve it. How many times have you half heartedly started a venture full of self doubt and anticipation of when you'll fail. I know I've been guilty of this many a time - although you/I rarely admit it as its buried deep in our subconscious.

So lets make a concerted effort to challenge our self limiting beliefs, to believe we can and take a leap of faith towards a goal that we previously thought was impossible. We may just discover a new talent, a new strength or a new passion that fills us with delight and enriches our lives.

:-) M

Monday, May 23, 2011


I must admit that life is pretty good right now and I'm feeling mighty awesome from within. Thats not to say that my hips and legs are still giving me grief but I'm managing it both physically and mentally. Work is mega busy but I'm taking things one at a time and not looking at everything as one big insurmountable problem. I'm not letting it overwhelm me as I did last week. The third module of my management course was finished on Friday and there is another assignment looming. Yet again, it'll be one step at a time spread over a few weekends so as not to overload me in one big hit.

One thing I'm trying to do differently this week is to just live in the moment and stop stressing about the next day, week, month and even year. I waste so much energy on that and its all for nothing really. So this week its all about whats in front of me right now, whether its my next run, weights session or piece of work that needs doing. I have some big plans for next year and they creep into my mind every so often but they must be parked for now as the timing is not right. I am very much looking forward to the time when I can start that particular project though.

I seem to have found my groove in terms of my diet (read that "nutrition" as opposed to a regimented and strict way of eating) and training and I'm not battling thoughts of "I should" or "I shouldnt". Its a really good feeling and that too has freed up energy to channell into more important things. I am making one more tweek to my weekly training and that is reducing my runs to 3 (give the hips / legs a little less load) and increasing my weights to 3 sessions / week and putting back some lower body training. We'll see how my body copes with this new combo in terms of my hip / glute pain.

So on that happy note, I must get off Blogger and channell my precious energy into my next job at work. Crossing another item from my "to do" list before I go home is my goal.

Cheers all


Saturday, May 21, 2011


..... and liking what I saw.

I know that Wednesday is my official weigh and measure day but after things really got moving yesterday (sorry if thats too much information LOL) I decided to have an unplanned meeting with the MM.

I tell you, he is SO predictable. Week 3 is always little or no change no matter how well I've eaten and how hard I've trained BUT if I stick with it (I usually throw in the towel from unwarranted frustration though) then he rewards me accordingly.

Yes I have achieved my second milestone by .5 now and it feels pretty good. I ran for an hour today but my left side is playing up a little again. Tomorrow it'll be weights and a walk, weather permitting.

So I'm cruising along nicely and feeling good about myself, my turnaround and life in general.

:-) M

Friday, May 20, 2011


Another day at uni today and the learning was packed in something chronic. I dont think anybody was taking anything in after the afternoon break. I know my brain was fried and nothing was computing LOL.

It was refreshing to walk home and get the blood pumping a little. We've been lucky to have a few mild days and I even worked up a bit of a sweat on that walk. But sadly I came home to hubby ready to go to the footy with his best mate meaning I was on taxiing to the chess competition duty tonight. But it was worth it as my boy won again despite sensing that his opponent was a good player who unfortunately made a bad move that my boy could capitalise on.

So its been dinner on my own and even WITHOUT WINE (unheard of for a Friday night here LOL). Yes its me, Facebook and Blogger tonight. Woohoo, I'm such a rager. Soon I'll plan something yummy for tomorrow's dinner and then get off to bed early, I think. This weekend I need to bank some "feel good" points as its been a tough week and next week looks pretty much the same.

Hope everyone has a great one.



Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today was round 3 at uni and boy was it a full-on day. I'm exhausted tonight. There is work I should do but I just cant face it. I'll be off to bed shortly.

The weekend cant come quick enough but it would be nice to tidy up some of the messy stuff going on at work right now. Most of it discovered when I logged on at home tonight :-(

On a positive note, I enjoyed a moderate amount of the healthier lunch options today (provided as part of the training course) instead of eating to bursting point because the food is SO yummy. This is a BIG achievement for me as on both of the previous modules I got a bit (or rather a LOT) carried away with the food. I feel so much better for it tonight - even though I dont feel great (if that makes sense).

Tomorrow is a rest day from training although I'll be walking to the city to meet a friend for breakfast (that'll take 30 mins) and then I'll walk home after the course (about 35 mins I reckon). Yay for incidental exercise :-)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today is weigh and measure day and although this turnaround has taken on a new meaning, I'm not prepared to dismiss the importance of the numbers just yet. But things have certainly changed as you'll see as you read on.

In its totally predictable fashion based on numerous previous experiences, the MM didnt show a loss this week despite me continuing to eat mindfully making good healthy choices. Meh!! Previously this would have sent me into a mini fit of "woe is me, blah, blah, blah" but I've sort of wised up now and I'm honestly taking it in my stride. I look better. I feel better. I know I'm in a good place (despite yesterday's issue) so I'm focussing on all of those positives. The MM will catch up, I'm sure. Funny though that this week the centimetres showed some loss varying between 1/2 and 2 cms all over. Last week it was the opposite - kilos down, centimetres the same. What a wierd process this is.

So I've yet to crack milestone # 2 of sub 67 but I'm literally .1 of a kg away LOL. Training is all good and I'm happy with my consistency and intensity of running and weight training. I've also managed a bit of variety in cardio due to rain last week and grabbing the opportunity to walk to/from work if possible.

On many previous occassions week 3 has been when the wheels fall off for me and I give up, overeat, beat myself up and then try to muster the energy and resolve to try again. Its a refreshing change to get to the start of week 4 feeling like I do and knowing that I sailed here rather effortlessly. By that I mean, even despite all the challenges I've had lately with work pressure and my injury flaring up, I never considered turning to food for comfort. It may have entered my mind just fleetingly but it left just as easily. I havent had to battle with myself to not give in to the the Binge Monster so I have energy to divert to other positive things (like my massive to do list at work LOL).

I feel better today and realise that my injury must have settled down somewhat so I will run again tomorrow and see what pans out. Fingers crossed that my lumbar/sacral/hip area behaves itself and I'm back to a predominantly pain free state.

Cheers all


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


There's a famous saying that goes "what a difference a day makes" and I'm living proof of that right now. I've gone from feeling awesome both physically and emotionally to  .... well the exact opposite in just one day.

I ran this morning and all was good. I kept my pace moderate which my body can usually handle and especially on short 40 minute stints. I didnt notice anything wrong after the run ... until I got to work and my lower back and legs started hurting, once again the sharp shooting pains were in my thighs - the left side worse than the right. At one point I stood up from my chair and my right leg gave way. At other points I could barely get walking from a sitting position. FFS what is going on!!??

I managed to get a physio appointment but had to see somebody different at my usual place. She diagnosed that my pubic bone was slightly out and my sacrum was twisted. My pelvis still seemed to be in alignment though. How then can I be in so much pain? It doesnt make sense. After a very mild treatment I was sent on my way with some advice about new running shoes, no running for a day or so and then being careful with asymetrical moves (like stepping off a kerb).

But here I am tonight and it all still friggin hurts like hell and I've lost faith in the physio's ability to diagnose and cure. This may be premature but my chiro has a far better track record in getting to the problem and fixing it (even if its not permanently). Yet again I'm confused about what to do, what not to do and mindful that I need to stay positive, or at least balanced so as not to lose the plot completely.

Needless to say its been a tough day. The pressure is on at work. My patience is as thin as a supermodel on a crash diet and all I wanted to do was have a big cry and then curl up and sleep in my warm bed.

I better go as thats probably enough whinging for one day.


Monday, May 16, 2011


A combination of being hugely busy at work and Blogger being out of action means a recent lack of blogging on my part. Shame, because I was actually pretty keen to update on Friday night and now all those blogging thoughts are gone. Luckily I have plenty of new ones to replace them.

Last week was really tough and I spent the first few days feeling the pressure at work and therefore being crabbier than usual. To my credit I just dealt with those feelings and made the decision to not eat my body weight in sugary junky food so that I could have 5 minutes of pleasure. The crabby feelings passed and I ended the week feeling mighty proud with all I'd achieved just by applying myself to the work instead of anaesthetising myself with food. Kerching!! Thats a big win for me.

Due to a rainy morning on Thursday and Friday being a day off from training I was well rested for a run on Saturday. Man, did I run well and feel good afterwards!! I found my stride early and got my pulse to around 90% of my max and just pushed on enjoying what was virtually a pain free 50 minute run. Words cant describe how good that feels. At times like that I am so grateful for what I have and what I can do because its those runs that lift my spirits and make me feel invincible. I basically floated on cloud 9 for the rest of the day - even through the domestic chores LOL.

In a couple of days week 3 of my 10 week turnaround will be over. I started the turnaround with a big focus on the numbers and a determination to be injury free. Well "injury free" is a  bit out of my immediate reach and may well be for some time. However, Saturday's run certainly gives me hope for the future. The other part to this is that I feel so good right now that I actually dont care too much about the numbers. I look at my body and I like what I see. Its not perfect - far from it actually - but I no longer strive for the fitness model look. My happy place both physically and emotionally sits about 3-5 kilos higher than that.

I also realise that what goes on in my head has far more influence over my body than anything else. If I'm happy, calm and committed to self love and nurturing then everything else will fall into place. Perhaps my 10 week turnaround should be about this instead of how many kilos and centimetres I can melt off by my finish date.

:-) XX Magda

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Here I am with my cutie munchkin niece Miss Aimee Rose and my gorgeous boy. Totally unrelated to my post but I thought I'd share.

A quick post tonight as the kitchen beckons with a few more jobs before I hit the sack.

Today was weigh, measure and assess day and here's how it went.

Kilos lost this week: 1.6 (VERY happy about that) Loss so far is 4.1kgs. A smidge away from sub 67 goal.
Cms lost: negligible (1.5 over 2 sites - everything else stayed the same)

Training not exactly to plan due to an unscheduled rest day on Monday but still happy with what I achieved. I'm now setting a new benchmark that gives me more flexibility and less chance of stressing about not achieving enough.

New training goals are:

1. At least 3 runs a week.
2. At least 2 upper body weights sessions a week.
3. No more than 1 rest day.

I know that I can easily achieve and exceed this and thats my main aim.

Nutrition is rockin as is my headspace. There really isnt any more to say. Onwards and upwards into week 3 and 8 weeks to go in my quest.

Good night all


Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Yesterday I had a long and detailed post about my physio visit typed in Word but Blogger was being really stupid and not letting me post anything. Now that I read that post I've decided to abridge it and just say.

1. There is no way on earth that I can be injury free in 10 weeks.

2. Injury free will take many many months and cost me somewhere well into the four figures.

3. I'm not in a position to start that level of treatment now.

I pondered all this while running on Saturday morning and have decided to modify my goals accordingly. Running another HM is on the back burner indefinitely, instead I'll concentrate on 10km distances which are far less harder on the body. I will continue to race as I love the "event" feel and the structured training that precedes it. I'll probably train myself to start with as I have a reasonable idea of what is required. The most important factor is that only I know my body and how to get the best from it.

I've come to peace with this and look forward to this new journey. My next race will be the Adelaide Marathon on 28 August where my goal will be to beat my 1:08:39 time. Hopefully just getting some kilos off will contribute to a faster time but I know that I must also sprint train.

My 10 week turnaround continues to go well. My training hasnt been exactly as planned but I'm maintaining a pretty good consistency. Nutrition has been great. But let me clarify what "great nutrition" means to me:

1. I eat mainly healthy foods in reasonable quantities when I'm hungry.

2. I enjoy a treat on a special occassion and I dont stress about it or what it might do to my weight loss plans.

3. I'm not indulging in my usual all-or-nothing thinking. One piece of cake stays as one piece, not three because "I've blown it anyway."

4. When I feel like crap (as I have for the last couple of days - another story there) I accept it and know that it will pass. Consoling myself with food (too much and too junky) will only make me feel worse in the long term. I'm honouring my commitment to treat my body and self with the care and respect I deserve.

Needless to say, I'm in a pretty good place despite feeling like crap on another front.

:-) M

Friday, May 6, 2011


I might be changing my 10 week turnaround goals after seeing my physio today.

I have a lot to think over and digest and decide just what I'll do and how I'll do it. Its not sitting well with me right now and its late so I'll blog more when I'm fresher and clearer in my mind.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


There is something especially rewarding about completing Thursday's training irrespective of what it is. The main reason is that I normally take Friday as a rest day by not setting my alarm for 5am. This is like a mini reward for the 4 days of early starts, training in the dark (and now the cold too) and not allowing slothdom to rule my life.

On a good Friday we'll wake up at 6.30 and rush around to be out the door by 7.40. There is usually no time for breakfast then so I might grab some raisin toast when we have our morning coffee out before work. Or I might just have a mug of coffee and eat when I feel hungry. Whatever takes my fancy on the day.

Tomorrow wont be a rest day as I'm planning to walk home from work. This will take me 45 mins and count as a moderate training session. Its one walk I actually enjoy. The mall is busy. Rundle Street east is alive and buzzing. I soak up the atmosphere as I try to power along, ducking and weaving through the crowds. I listen to music to motivate me along and I resist stopping for a wine or bubbly to celebrate the arrival of my favourite time of the week.

Is there a special time of the week that you love? What makes it so?

Cheers all



Because life is never the same from one week to another and I hate rigid schedules, my weekly plans will usually change and remain flexible to allow for days of feeling great and days of feeling less than great.

My training goals this week are:

3 upper body / abs weights sessions (one completed this morning)
2 runs (depending on how my legs are feeling)
2 walks of at least 40 mins each

So nothing ground breaking there but movement every day which is a very reasonable and achievable goal. Rehabs will be revisited following physio visit tomorrow.

Nutrition will continue on as is. If it aint broke, dont fix it, I say. Keeping alcohol in check on Mothers Day will be the challenge - and food too. Peter is cooking dinner for our family and my parents. I'm making dessert - just havent decided what yet. Oh and for my breakfast in bed, I've requested a healthier option than my usual croissants (one with ham and cheese, one sweet - yeah I'm a guts I know LOL). There is 9 weeks of turnaround to go and I'd hate for the wheels to fall off in week 2.

:-) M

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Ok this was quite an easy week. The first one always is once you just commit to doing it. I have successfully reduced my alcohol intake significantly and other than Sunday's post race treat, I've been pretty much sugar free. My meals have been healthy but substantial so my snacks are minimal or non-existent and I like eating this way. I like getting hungry for the next meal and looking forward to it, rather than over-eating and then just eating the next meal because "its time."

So weight loss was 2.5 kgs and I'm now comfortably sub 70 so mini goal one gets a big tick.
Centimetres lost was a total of 9.5 over 5 sites. 5 of those were off my (bloated) waist. Not surprising. Next best loss was hips and R thigh at 2.5 each. Funny how left and right thigh are never the same LOL.

My cardio is more moderate as I rest my legs. Today I walked for 40 minutes and I'll just say, I admire those who walk for their exercise. Why? Because its so F*#^@! BORING. It is a real last resort for me. Yesterday I trained chest and bis and followed it up with 20 mins on the exercise bike (which is also boring).

Headspace has been good and that goes a long way to achieving the small wins on this journey. I am struggling to do all of my rebabs though. Basically I've lost faith in them and doubt if they are making any difference. The stretches are great and very necessary so I always do them. More on this after Friday's visit to the physio.

So onwards and upwards and into Week 2 :-)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Yeah I know I promised to shut up about this but its a good way to keep a record of my stats.

Official time was 1:08:39 (woohoo even better than I thought!!)
Position: 104 / 114
Position - Gender: 68 / 77
Position - Age Group: 6 / 8

As you can see in my pic, I wasnt in top form and ran it heavier than I was for the HM last year (by about 3 - 3.5kgs).

Just imagine what I could achieve if I was injury free and in peak condition.....


OK so here I am about 5 minutes before race start. Peter razzes me about my headband which I know is NOT fashionably chic but its too practical to run without. It holds my earpones in place and it keeps the sweat out of my eyes. This is also my official "before photo" - you just have to imagine another 2.6kgs on me (eeek thats not a good thought).

Yesterday I received my weekly feedback email from coach Pat  which I have posted below as I'm still feeling mighty proud of my efforts (after this I promise to shut up and stop boring you all with my race talk). BTW the reference to the Adelaide Half is in response to my throw away comment about maybe doing that race in August - confessing that I just couldnt help myself LOL.

"Congratulations on such a fine achievement Magda. 69 min – 10/10 – you well and truly delivered!
A tad too fast early on though – 32min @ 5k would have found you reaching well within over the 2nd half, which of course you did.
Have a well earned light training week and I can certainly help you prepare for the Adelaide Half however we do need to be aware that got into strife when you upped the k’s up to a few weeks back. I’m sure you don’t want to end up sore again.
Congrats again Magda.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Although its tough being back at work today after a wonderful 10 days off, I'm cruising along quite nicely. Mind you, it wasnt so nice having my alarm go off at 5.15 but I figured it was better to get back into my old routine sooner rather than later. I know that if I take a few days off from early morning training then its really hard to start up again. So its become an (almost) non-negotiable and this works welll for me.

I started today with a 44 minute walk to move my legs without stressing them further. Yes they are sore and despite a part of me wanting to run like mad again, the voice of reason and common sense said "take a rest, your legs will thank you for it". So thats what I'm doing. No running until the weekend and fingers crossed that this makes a difference in the longer term. My weekly training goal is accordingly modified but I'll still be doing something daily which is what counts.

I'm looking forward to seeing my physio on Friday as I'm keen to know if I can improve my injury and what it would take to do so. I'm working on the bits within my control and I hope there is more that she can do. I cant tell you what it would mean to me to be able to run pain free or at least to reduce the pain by 50% and just put up with a normal level of pain that runners endure.

Its great to be in a good place mentally and it even makes the physical easier to bear. A positive mindset truly does work wonders as it seems to generate more positive things in my life. People who whinge all the time and live with  a "victim mentality" should wake up and smell the roses. They're out there (the roses), you just have to let them into your life, embrace them and choose to be happy.

On my run yesterday I had this little mini challenge going with myself - to overtake 10 other runners (after all I was near the back of the pack). I managed 9 which I quickly realised was totally insignificant as at least 2 of those 9 overtook me when they picked their pace back up and I couldnt go any faster (and finish the race vertically). This was a great reminder that its pointless comparing myself to others. It means nothing and if I'm constantly battling thoughts of not measuring up or not being as good as, then I'm choosing a negative headset which isnt where I want to be. But the best bit was when the elite half marathoners started overtaking us. Man were they moving!!!! Some would have finished in a little over an hour -  something I just cant fathom but then I'm not an elite athlete LOL.

Ah wouldnt it have been great to have such wisdom and insight 30 years ago LOL.

:-) Magda

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Well its done - my first 10km race and it was almost as hard as the HM last year LOL.

I woke up feeling good and was curious as to what my MM would show on race day. 68.5kgs which I was REALLY happy with (I was over 71 on Wednesday last week). I felt lighter and instantly had a little extra spring in my step :-)

The race start was close to where I live but Peter dropped me off and left me to it while he came home to make breakfast and run our boy to chess club. I felt a lot less nervous than last year but putting my heart rate monitor on early I could see my pulse rate was already up a little.

We strolled out ot the start line and were told to take our places according to how fast we thought we were. At this point I went to the back of the group - hey I'm a slow runner and under NO illusions that I'd be anywhere near the front of the pack.

So the race started and typically I got all choked up and teary (this happened last year too LOL). Every time I race I think of the fat girl who sucked at every sport in school. The girl who had no sporting skills or talent, who always got picked last for the team and sadly the girl who in year 6 jumped on the vault horse (or whatever that piece of gymnastics equipment is called) and broke it. Yep they werent fun times I can tell you and they will always be etched in my mind. Perhaps thats why in my 40s with life experience and a positive and determined attitude, I like to challenge myself and prove I'm not that fat and talentless girl any more.

But back to today. I pulled myself together and just ran. I felt good and went out quite hard and fast. I found my pace quickly and in those first few kilometres I wondered if I could indeed have done the HM today. I certainly was having lots of thoughts about smashing my sub 70 goal. At the 5km mark I was sitting at around 32 minutes but I was starting to feel like I needed to slow down a bit to make the distance. Yet again I didnt want to walk any of it.

Well the second half was definitely slower. I was tiring a bit and feeling empty (I always run on an empty stomach). After the 3kms to go mark it got quite hard and I had to call on Pat's advice from last year about not even getting out of bed for 3kms LOL. The distance between the 2 and 1 km mark felt like 10kms on its own. I thought the 1km marker would never come. I was tired and battling lots of "bloody hell this is hard, why on earth am I doing this?" thoughts but I know they are normal in a race. If you dont feel like that, you're not running hard enough.  It was here that I could see the 70 minute mark being more in line with my time as by now I was just running at a consistently slower pace. I paced the last kilometre knowing that I didnt have anything fantastic left in me. I had given it my best and thats all I could have done.

On Runkeeper my time was 69:10. My official time might be a smidge less as it took me a little while to get to the start line. Who knows, I'm going with 69. 

It was raining very lightly for most of the race but I was ok with that - its the wind that I hate and luckily it was calm. Oh and I must say, my injury totally behaved it self today. I had a slight niggle in my left ITB between the 3 and 2km mark and mild discomfort in my glutes but overall I felt really good.

Within 5 minutes of finishing the rain came in heavier. I got some water and ate an apple and then rang Peter to come and pick me up. I had planned to walk back to North Adelaide (only about 2kms, if that) but I didnt want to get wetter as we would have breakfast out straight away. We headed to The Store and I had a lovely cinnamon and honey porridge with almonds and sultanas and 1/2 a slice of banana bread. A lovely treat and well earned as my HRM was showing over 900 calories burned.

As I write this a few hours later my left leg is aching pretty badly so I'll get Peter to massage it later tonight. I may also reconsider running again on Tuesday. Whilst 10kms isnt a long distance, I had run it hard so some extra rest may well be in order.

Finally, I'm so glad I didnt pull right out of the race and did what I felt I could on the day. It was a rewarding run and one that I enjoyed - even when I thought I was dying LOL. The feeling of crossing the finish line knowing that I had it in me to tough out the hard parts, dig deep and push my limits was fantastic. I'm a runner and I love it.

:-) M