Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Its the end of January already and I'm thinking 'OMG where did that go?' But then I remember that it went on holidays and having lots and lots of fun apart from my Mum hurting herself early in the month.

A quick recap of goals of which I didnt have many.

I didnt manage to get onto the new Mac computer as the PC held up and I'm now deep into my uni project using the PC that I'm familiar with. I will learn the Mac when I'm under less pressure.

I had a second goal of fitting into my size 11 non-stretch jeans by Jan 23rd (the day I returned to work). I didnt achieve the goal by that day but I DID YESTERDAY!!!! I gave them a try as I was on a course and was going casual and lo and behold they fitted. OK I admit that they're tight but with a loose, flowey top they were ok and I felt SO good to be back in them.

I'm now aiming for them to be a more comfortable fit and another kilo or two will achieve that.

But undoubtedly the best thing to come out of January was that I had a binge-free month. I put this down to less stress as I wasnt at work; being more mindful about my eating overall and making a conscious decision that I just wouldnt do it. Plus I was in a pretty good headspace and happy with my diet and training so the recipe for success was pretty much there. Now lets see if I can add February to the equation.

:-) M

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today my beautiful boy learned an important lesson and I did too.

He has been learning ice skating since July last year and finished the year at the 2nd level not quite good enough to go up to the next level. Being Christmas and school holidays his teacher suggested that with extra practice he may be ready by the end of January and she'd be happy to reassess him then.

So over the holidays he practiced and practiced but I could see his heart wasnt in it. A little over a week before his assessment I checked in with his teacher only to find out that some of the skills he'd be tested on, we hadn't practiced. I was disappointed in myself for stuffing this up and I honestly thought 'what's the point, he won't pass'.

When we spoke about his reassessment he was majorly disappointed at the prospect of repeating his 2nd level class for the 3rd time. We were both really down in the dumps. But I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to give it his best shot. Extra practice with a good attitude. I worked out how much extra practice was possible (not easy as I was back at work this week) and we went for it. We managed 3 extra sessions and his attitude and effort were so much better. However some of the skills he was still weak on.

Fast forward to the assessment today and it was so nerve wracking for both of us. He was nervous and therefore not focused. I was annoyed and short-tempered until I woke up to myself and gave him a big hug, reassured him that he had done a great job so far and the outcome of today didn't really matter. Finally the assessment got underway 20 minutes late. His backward stroking was weak and my heart sunk but his teacher kept encouraging him. Next were t-stops and he had struggled with these during his practices. Well today he nailed them. Finally it was backward cross-overs the hardest of all and again something I didn't think he was strong on. Again his teacher gave lots of instruction and encouragement and he did them well.

They came off the ice, she all smiles, my boy still apprehensive of the outcome. 'Huge improvement. He can go up to the next level' was the verdict. We were both ecstatic.

In the car I made a point of highlighting the lesson in this and it's as simple as 'if you work hard, you will succeed.' My boy has no natural sporting talent. Anything he achieves in the way of sport, he'll have to work really hard for. I guess in the long run this will build great character. And as for me, I learnt that I should never under-estimate his ability to apply himself and achieve something that I think is beyond his reach. I guess that can be said for many things in life.

Have you ever been guilty of this?


Friday, January 27, 2012


Hi all,

I'm at work today but seeing the time that I'm posting this you'll work out that I'm as good as not here. Lets just say, today is a low productivity day for two reasons: just about every email I've sent has come back with an 'out of office' reply and for those of us who are at work, I bet not many are giving it their all anyway. Common sense would have made the holiday today!! Rant over.

This morning I genuinely slept through my alarm (I dont use snooze but will from now on). Being a warm night we had both the air con and fan on in our bedroom so lots of background noise. Plus I put my phone under a cushion with the alarm on a low volume level so as not to wake Peter up at 4.50am. Yep, I didnt hear a thing and subsequently missed training legs which was pretty much my only chance left this week. Bugger!! Not happy about this as tomorrow I have an early start and a busy day so achieveing any training then would be a miracle.

Other than this my training has been fairly consistent so in the big picture  things are looking ok. I'm just annoyed at the small stuff getting messed up.

With the start of February fast aproaching I've been thinking about my routine, lifestyle and managing the new challenge of extra study. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of what I'm taking on but today I read a brilliant status update on FB from Michelle Koen :
old mentality: Anxiety- OMG I've got so much to do!
new mentality: Gratitude & Excitement- Wow, aren't I lucky to have so much going on in my life
When you can make this switch your whole life changes.
How good is that??!! Regardless I've been plotting out a bit of a routine for study, training, family time, me time and running my home. I truly believe that this planning along with good nutrition, regular exercise and enough sleep will keep me sane and on top of it all. I'm determined to prove myself right and I better start by learning not to sweat the small stuff, hey? LOL.
Signing off now and apologies for the continued use of bold font but there is no way Blogger is allowing me to turn it off - silly bugger!!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I spent today working on my uni project, ironing, playing with my boy and taking him to ice skating practice. No BBQs, no get togethers with friends or family, no days at the beach or park. It was all a bit no hum actually.

Training today was a walk/jog as Peter used the studio for his rowing. It was a beautiful morning to be out and I clocked a total of 47 minutes walking 1 song then jogging 2. This combo is working well so next week I plan to crank it up to a 1:3 ratio instead.

Ooh it's now less than a week to the end of January. I better get cracking on learning to use the Mac and the size 11 non-stretch jeans continue to be a work in progress. Eating has been good so it's just a matter of time.

Cheers all


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This date (21st January) always excites me as its exactly 6 months from my birthday. Big deal, you say, thats ages away. Yes it is but sometimes the stuff you're working on is not a 4 or 6 or 12 week project. Some stuff goes for longer and its that extended time that makes a real difference.

Although I havent stated this as a goal of any sort, one thing thats really important to me is to leave my binge eating behind me for good. Last year was a bit up and down but knowing I had the ups gives me confidence that I can do it again. As we near the end of January I can proudly say 'so far, so good'. Even when I had a less than stellar week of eating recently, it did not result in binging so I say 'thats a MAJOR win.' This is the type of long term project I'm talking about.

Taking that a step further, I then start to dream about lean and toned legs and wonder what is achievable with the pair I've been given. If only I could confidently wear a moderately short pair of shorts in summer and know that my legs look ok. I'm not talking hot pants but something thats a little shorter than mid-thigh. Again this would be a long term project and based on previous experiences I'm not even sure if its achievable or what would be required to even come close to achieving this dream.

See the stuff that fills my head?? Shallow, arent I?? LOL.

Today I trialled a Bikram yoga class before work and it was a disaster. Its pretty hot here and even though I had a tepid shower and finished with it cold, I couldnt cool down after the class. I had to put my nice work clothes on and sweat into them :-( I couldnt put make up on as my face was too sweaty (I put it on at work an hour later) and although the class finished at 8am, it was 9.10 before I was able to start work. Not happening again, I tell you!! Its Sundays only for now and then I'll reassess.

My last bit of news is that I'm now officially a uni student as I've enrolled to do the Grad Cert in Business Administration. Yep I'm excited but a bit nervous about what I'm taking on: study including contact time, reading time, assignments etc; work is ramping up to be really busy too; I still have a project to complete for my last uni course; and then there's the home to run and family time as well. Time management will need to be a first and foremost priority so if I'm not here or on FB as often, you know why.

Cheers all


Monday, January 23, 2012


Hi all,

well here I am back at work today and what a shock to the system it was to be up at 5am so I could do a walk/jog for today's exercise. Eegads I had forgotten what that time of day looks like. It was good though (yeah I know I'm a bit crazy) as I managed 53 minutes today where I walked 1 song and then jogged 2. My right hip got a bit achey around the 35 minute mark but nothing too debilitating and I pushed on as the ache didnt worsen.

Today I must admit that I did not achieve my goal of fitting back into my size 11 non-stretch jeans. I havent tried them on bit I can tell based on how I look and feel. Thats not to say that I'll keep working on this because I certainly will. Its just going to take a little longer. I LOVED being on holidays but thanks to a LOT of social eating out and the wine drinking that goes with it, I have not shrunk down despite being really careful about my food choices. Yeah I know, wine is the evil enemy but geez I love to indulge when I'm with somebody who feels and does the same.

Finally we are booked and confirmed for our mid-year holiday which will begin on 21st June. There is time in Singapore, a cruise back to Australia and hopefully a little time in Perth or Margaret River. (That part of the trip is yet to be decided). Needless to say I'm going to be predictable and unoriginal and say that I plan to be in great shape for this trip. I'm not THAT far off now but I want to look and feel good in my bikini and shorts. I have 5 months to make some improvements and I think that being back at work will actually help my cause.

Anyways must rush off now as its uni orientation night tonight.

Cheers all


Saturday, January 21, 2012


In exactly 5 months time we leave for our Singapore/Perth cruise.

5 years ago on this day my boy and I moved to Brisbane for what was going to be for good. Peter was already living and working there.

In 6 months time it's my birthday and .....

In 18 months I'll be 50.

More on these the next time I blog. My Internet connection is crap tonight.


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Wow what an amazing week this has been. I've been feeling pretty on-top-of-the-world and thats translated into some reduction of the MASST (middle aged spread spare tyre). I'm going to let the Metal Monster sit peacefully under the bathroom cabinet as I dont plan to visit him for some time. I can estimate fairly closely what my weight is and even if I cant, my clothes will tell me.

Tonight we got ino the TDU spirit as tomorrow's leg leaves from our suburb so it was all parties and celebrations in our main street. We had dinner out and then wandered around for a while and soaked up the amazing atmosphere. I love having dinner (or lunch or even breakfast) out because I love to people-watch although Peter and I will always be engaged in conversation so watching is done discreetly and sporadically. Here is what I observed at the table next to us:

Mr I've got big muscles but they're covered in just as much fat with Mrs I can lose 3kgs quickly - i just have to take my make up off. He had a permanent frown on his face. She looked like she had just sucked a lemon and that look got permanently stuck. He stared ahead and she did the same from his side. I dont think they said two words to each other in the time they were there. I was wondering: bad first date or they've been together WAY too long and cant stand each other any more. I was fascinated. Later they were joined by a young woman who my guess would be his daughter. She lightened the mood, a little.

I know the old sayings "dont judge a book by its cover and you dont know somebody until you've walked a mile in their shoes" but it amazes me that people exist in these relationships. What is the point of going out together if you cant talk to the person you're with? I had lunch with a work friend today and I tell you there was so much talking that there would have been a serious shortage of oxygen around us LOL. And I cant ever recall a time when Peter and I have been as disconnected as that couple were. I hope I can say the same thing in 5 and 10 years time LOL.

Planning to be up early tomorrow to wave off the amateur riders at 6.30am. Wish me luck with this as my body clock is firmly set on holiday time which is NOT 6.15am starts.

Cheers all


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Over the last few days I've gone to write a blog post but when I read it, I wasnt happy with it so I left it as a draft and came back to it the next day. Hated it. Deleted it. Repeated the process.

I was really out of sorts. Not calm. Not balanced and just struggling with my goals and commitments. As I blogged before, Friday was a total can't-be-arsed day. I ate cake. I ate pasta. I ate pizza. I didn't exercise. Saturday on the other hand was all good again. Sunday not too bad but by then I was really struggling with the old 'all or nothing' mentality. I'd totally lost the healthy lifestyle perspective of the journey I'm on and was fretting about no weight loss that week, my middle aged spread spare tyre still taunting me and planning how I could lose these few kilos quickly. Dukan anybody....

Sunday night and Monday morning were a bit of an emotional nightmare. I was obsessing about weight, body fat, eating, exercise - you name it and it was driving me crazy. I even went as far as having a no carb breakfast to kick start the weight loss I so badly wanted. Duh!! But fortunately as the day progressed the voice of reason broke through and drowned out the crazy obsessive.

As I relaxed I found myself naturally eating less and only when I was hungry. At my GFs house in the late afternoon I had a glass of wine and you know what - I'm not going to stress about it and chastise myself for it. Throughout the afternoon and evening I reminded myself of the little things that work for me - things I came to realize about 6 months ago when I vowed to stop dieting, stop striving for weight loss at any cost and to relax and trust myself to work it out and get it right. I did it then and it's time to go back to the basic roots to reaffirm what I know.

Without going into the nauseating detail of it I just know that I achieve far more when I take the pressure off myself and go with the flow letting the gains (or losses) happen in their own time of their own accord. My psychology of weight loss/management/lifestyle is very specific to me and I must trust that I know what's right. Oh and I cant stress enough - once the headspace is right the rest naturally follows.

Thanks for listening and letting me share my ups and downs. I'm feeling good again and I know that good things will follow - in their own time.



Monday, January 16, 2012


1. I had crooked bottom teeth all my life but got braces when I was 36 years old.
2. I was 14 years old when I started going out with a boyfriend who became my husband when I was 20. Incidentally he's not my current husband.
3. When I grew up I wanted to be a lawyer. But I didnt get into law at uni.
4. I got into architecture but because it was such a long degree including workbased experience, I deferred and got a job instead.
5. I've been in the public service ever since.
6. I'm an only child as is my son.
7. I've never had an overnight stay in hospital
8. I (too) am older than my husband :-)
9. I own WAY too many self help books but in the last 6 or so months I've come to realise that all the help I'll ever need is within me.
10.I'm not a fussy eater but I'd rather die of hunger than eat a grapefruit or raw celery.
11. My favourite scent is Obsession by Calvin Klein.

And to satisfy Liz's curiosity:
1) Morning or evening person - Morning by far. As hard as it is to sometimes get up so early, I feel great once my training is done and dusted

2) How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings? - If I'm getting just myself ready its less than an hour. If its a school day then it starts at 6am and finishes at 7.40.

3) What’s your weekly grocery bill?
- around $200
4) How much of your grocery bill is whole foods? - around 75%

5) Your opinion of daylight savings? - I've always loved it. When I lived in Queensland I missed it terribly. Dawn at 4am is just WRONG!!!

6) Mac or PC? - PC but I'm going to learn the Mac.

7) Grab your IPOD and hit “shuffle” – what’s the first song that comes up? Is it a favourite or so so? - In the Evening - Cheryl Lee Ralph. Its a good beat and motivating to exercise to but not a 'favourite'.

8) Your favourite blog of the moment? - I follow relatively few blogs now and each is a favourite for different reasons.

9) Favourite pizza topping? - Pizza Capers: Savannah - its a low fat seafood pizza with GOOD quality seafood and a decent amount of it.

10) Proudest moment lately? - My husband has been promoted to an executive position this year - well deserved!!.

11) Your favourite physical activity? - Before I was injured: running (just gradually easing back into it again) but now I love Bikram yoga.

And to satisfy Sandra's curiosity:

1. Cat or dog lover? Cat. We have a tortoiseshell puss called Miss Moneypenny. Pic is below.
2. Favourite ice-cream flavour? Cibo roasted almond gelati or Wendy's Baileys Scorched Almond. (Hmm there's a bit of a theme there).
3. How many siblings do you have? 0
4. Celebrity crush? Hugh Jackman.
5. Would you rather go to the movies or hire a DVD and stay home? Go out to a movie plus drinks and dinner (and possibly coffee after).
6. Where were you born? Novi Sad in what used to be Yugoslavia but my heritage is Hungarian.
7. Do you believe in love at first sight? At the risk of sounding cold and unromantic - no! Love is deeper and takes time to develop. But I do believe in lust at first sight LOL.
8. Lorna Jane or Target? Neither - Skins for running; anything for weight training at home and something smart and respectable for Bikram yoga.
9. Favourite movie? Forrest Gump.
10. Did you watch Kate and Will's wedding? Wasnt going to but - yes.
11. Do you have an inspirational quote that you keep coming back to? Dont die wondering what if (not sure if this was quoted by somebody famous but its my life motto).

Phew!! Thats enough self revelation for one night. And now here's our puss.


Friday, January 13, 2012


Thanks to all for your best wishes for my Mum. She was discharged today and is recuperating happily at home in the fresh air with Dad fussing around her, like it should be.

Well this week has taken its toll on training and nutrition with both suffering somewhat. My mojo decided to hibernate and subsequently my fat cells have been rejoicing at the unexpected yet sumptuous feed they've received. Enjoy it guys, it'll be the last one for a while.

Tomorrow morning I will find my mojo, shake it back to life and belt out a decent walk/jog cardio session. I will get right back on track to my usual healthy eating. I will not let this stumble become a major fall.

That is my commitment.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


This picture was taken in May 2008. I remember it well. It was Mothers Day and Peter was busy cooking dinner while Mum and I kicked back with a pre-dinner drink and relaxed.

The latest on Mum is that she is still in hospital. She had another CT scan this morning but no official result from it as at this afternoon. A doctor did advise her in the morning that she'd be in for a few days. She feels fine and wants to go home. Dad is bored out of his brain and spent the afternoon in the hospital with her :-) We all visited a bit later on.

Tonight was spent having a long overdue catch up dinner with my friend Kristy. We hadnt  seen each other for about a year and it was lovely to meet, eat together and have a nice long chat.

Training today was non-existent due to child minding commitments and a bit of a cant-be-arsed attitude. My boy had a school friend over for the day and I didnt want to meet him and his Mum in my workout gear with my sexy workout face to match. That and not wanting to get up earlier than I had to meant no training today. I've had a stellar run up to now and missing today is not the end of the world.

Eats: well lets just say "tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to do better." My mojo has definitely slipped into a form of semi-hibernation. Its there and then its gone. Hopefully it'll be back alive and kicking soon.

So on that note I shall bid good night and hope for:

1. Mum to go home tomorrow.
2. Dad to be occupied caring for her at home while she continues her recovery.
3. A fun day out with my boy tomorrow.
4. My mojo to be back with a vengeance.

Wish me luck.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is the sort of day when I dont feel like blogging but I will as a form of mini therapy. Lets just say my goals and commitments took a major back seat today.

I was nearing the end of my HIIT cardio on the new spin bike just pedalling steadily for the last 5 - 10 minutes when I got a call from my Dad. I knew something was wrong when he wouldnt/couldnt talk to me but eventually he managed to get out that Mum had taken a fall. I told him to call an ambulance but he said they were at the hospital so I found out where and told him I'd be there in about half an hour.

Jump off my bike, quick shower, minimal make-up, do hair with fingertips, dress quickly, drag my boy off the computer games and drive to the RAH. Find Mum (and Dad) in Emergency and learn that she tripped on eneven paving whilst out on their morning walk. Luckily Dad was with her. She fell on her knee, then broke her fall with her hand/arm but hit her head on the pavement. Dad helped her up and they turned to go back home when 5 steps later she collapsed. Dad immediately went to the nearest house to seek help and an ambulance was called while ironically an aged carer (who lived in that house) stayed with Mum and helped her remain conscious.

So at the hospital it was all go, go, go or wait, wait, wait. Both are draining and stressful and the hours passed one after the other. Nobody, except my boy had eaten breakfast so it was coffee and raisin toast in the RAH cafeteria. Before we knew it, lunch time came so back to the cafeteria for a rushed and harried choice for our lunches. Drinking water was almost non-existent not helped by the coolness in the Emergency ward (I needed hot food/drink to get warm). We were told that Mum had a mild head injury and would be kept in overnight.

At 2pm I took Dad and my boy home but went back to take Mum her overnight essentials. By then she had normal colour as opposed to the unbecoming shade of white/grey she had been earlier. I was also concerned for Dad so although he said he had food for dinner, I invited him to our place and he readily accepted. This meant a quick decision on dinner for the 4 of us (no going out for me as planned) and a dash to the shops for dinner supplies. Hurry home as Dad was coming around 5pm and prepare the dinner for Peter to BBQ when he got home.

I caved and broke my 'no-alcohol-during-the-week' rule and followed it up with 2 Ferrero Rochers after dinner. I wont even mention the cup of tea and Ninjabread biscuit after Dad had gone home (oops I just did mention it). I'm still not calm nor relaxed and would kill for a peaceful alcoholic beverage but I'm blogging instead.

I know this wasnt your typical day nor was it anything even remotely related to mindless, out-of-control binging but geez I feel physically crappy and emotionally like a wrung out rag. But I'm glad I blogged instead of pouring another drink. I will now have a big glass of water and get ready for bed. Tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks for listening.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This morning I had another hour of lounging in bed before my boy got up, followed by making his breakfast and then hitting my training studio. Today was lower body training and it was time to mix things up a bit, increase some weights, swap reps on the supersets and minimise the rest breaks. It was a great session followed by 10 mins on the old exercise bike before my phone battery needed charging.

Breakfast was very late today as the delivery of our new spin bike (pics to come tomorrow) was 10 minutes away. Well 10 minutes turned into about 30 or 40 with me deferring eating until after the bike had been delivered. In the end I caved and ate and the bike STILL hadnt arrived. Its all good now though and ready for a spin tomorrow morning :-)

I'm so in holiday mode now that I cant get to sleep early at night because I'm just not tired. I think I am and I go to bed only to lie there for ages no matter how hard I try to relax, switch off and go to sleep. I'm also now well into the habit of sleeping in or at the least waking but dozing in the mornings. Both of these states are very unusual to me and to be honest I prefer to be busy with work, physically and mentally tired, in bed early and off with the fairies. Dare I say, even the early mornings feel better and help me get to sleep better at night. I guess I was made to be a working girl both professionally and in the exercise I choose to do every day.

Well it must be time to TRY to sleep so I'll sign off and be back tomorrow.

:-) M

Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear Magda,

its great to hear that you've gotten off to such a good start with your commitment to eat well and cut back on the alcohol. There is no doubt that 2 such small and simple things can have such a profound and posititve effect on how you feel. Never forget that feeling for its your belief in this simple fact that will carry you through the tough times. And there will be tough times.

There will be times when you find all sorts of reasons to make poorer choices both with food and alcohol. Life will get in your way of charging towards the body you want and the balance and calm you need. The unexpected will throw your good intentions into disarray and it will be up to you to remain strong and committed. The choice will always be yours and you know you must accept responsibility for the choices you make.

But whatever the outcome, whatever your decision and choice you know you'll keep working towards your goal. Bumps in the road are just that. They are not blockages. They may slow you down but they dont have to stop you unless you let them. Believe in yourself, in what you want and how you want to live your life and never, ever punish or berate yourself if you stumble at a bump.

Keep this letter close to you when the tough times hit and know that you'll get through.

Your best friend


Sunday, January 8, 2012


Today's training was the Bikram yoga 90 minute sweatfest. Although today the room felt somewhat cooler than usual - meaning the temperature was probably 45 degrees or just under. Mornings are always cooler than late evenings which also means I take a lot longer to warm up my muscles and my stretches are not as good until I'm well into the class. Irrespective of all that, its always a mega intense workout that leaves me totally buggered for about 15-20 minutes and then the second wave of tiredness hits a couple of hours later.

I've had an awesome week as far as my training and nutrition goes. I trained every day to plan and ate well without being obsessive about my food. I cut right back on the alcohol but overshot my weekly limit by a couple of glasses due to a couple of unplanned events. At least they only resulted in a glass of wine each so not too much damage. Being on holidays helps immensely as I'm having my first meal later and therefore eating less all up.

The other thing I've done differently this week is drink less cappuccinos. The few times I went to a cafe with my boy, I had a chai tea without milk, which I also love. But come the weekend and I had a coffee on both days :-) Happy to cut back but NOT happy to cut out.

So I'm a little closer to fitting into my size 11 non-stretch jeans but not there yet. Lets hope I can make a real difference in the coming 2 weeks.

:-) M

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today Peter and I went to check out the recently done up and extended Burnside Village shopping centre. There was so much hype about the building works and how it was killing off the businesses and then it re-opened with more hype and fanfare. I'd been a couple of times but only very briefly so today was the leisurely look through after having lunch there.

Well lunch was disappointing. The (one) restaurant/cafe was flat out and after waiting ages for service we gave up and had coffees and rolls/foccacias at Cibo instead. Then we went our own ways for an hour to look around. Only I spent my hour in Zara and was delighted to hit the jackpot in the first minute. I found a white jacket for work in the perfect (tailored) style and size. It was reduced on sale and when I went to pay for it, it was reduced even further. YIPPEE. I had fun trying on lots of stuff in Zara but alas the jacket was my only purchase.

After BV I was on a bit of a shopping roll so I scoured my local stores and bought a white top that looks semi-jacket but very different to the tailored style. Can you tell I love white in summer? That too was a bargain with sale items reduced by a further 30%. How exciting!!

So after those 2 fantastic purchases I wasn't even upset that yet again I couldn't find any jeans or Capri pants that fitted me. Everything in Zara was slim fit and my tree trunk legs just can't wear that. I squeeze into a size 12 with legs looking like overstuffed sausages and the waist band is too loose. Oh well I just need to find a label that caters for my shape. At the end of the day, I'm eating well and I like how I look and feel and THAT'S the most important thing :-)


Friday, January 6, 2012


Wow, holidays are wizzing by and today was another great day spent with friends and their kids having lunch at our place. The kids played on the Wii or iPods or iPads and all were happy. The adults sat around chatting after the meal and a couple of wines. It was pretty relaxed and very enjoyable.

Lunch went on so long that after everybody left I did a quick clean up and then Peter got home so it was time for beer o'clock and eventually dinner. Apart from  my exercise bike HIIT this morning and baking a batch of chocolate chip cookies, I did little other 'work'.

I have been eating well and drinking less since Sunday and I'm feeling SO much better. I dont weigh myself regularly but I know I'm lighter and can feel the reduction in podginess around my middle even after such a short time. There is no denying how much better I feel at a lighter weight with good healthy food in my belly :-)

Looking forward to an awesome weekend now. Although we dont have a lot of plans, often those are my favourite times because there is a chance to just chill out without always going somewhere or doing something.

What about you? Do you like to have your weekends planned out and busy with activities or do you prefer to go with the flow and relish some down-time?

:-) M 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Last night's post, prompted me think a bit more about happiness and what rings my bells. After  all, its not just about eating well and training regularly with a bit of intensity - although it goes a long way to setting me into a great frame of mind.

Today I had an appointment to meet up with one of my uni colleagues to discuss our workbased projects. Both of us are doing ours solo and both of us have made little to no progress to date. He called me to meet and talk as he needed a bit of support and guidance.

To be honest my reaction was "no, I dont want to think about the project now. I'm on holidays and I really just want it to go away." But I would never let him down so I agreed to meet, thinking deep down there was probably no way I could help him. Well we got talking and he made some really useful suggestions and observations about my project which opened up some ideas for me about his project. I shared some info with him that he thought was a great idea and he could do similar to help progress his work. He shared a dilemma with me and I was able to offer a solution.

So where is all this heading? I love connecting with people and when its over an academic matter that requires thinking and problem solving, its even better. You know how some people just bring out the best in you (while others just make you feel like inadequate sh*t), well he's definitely the former. It makes me happy to help people, even if its in small ways and like I said the academic aspect is something I'm really getting in to.

I now feel positive about getting stuck into my project and we've decided to meet regularly to keep each other 'G'ed up. I'm also really happy that this year will be spent studying and improving myself professionally. I'm up for the challenge and the hard work that will go with it. After all, you never get anywhere if you sit back and wait for it all to fall in your lap.

Finally on a more practical note, today's schedule was seriously put out of whack when my boy decided to sleep in til after 9am and I was waiting for him to get up so I could get his breakfast and then do my training. Well all that never happened so I trained at 4.15pm. Eeegads that time is SO not my preference but it was a case of suck it up and just do it (lower body weights). I feel good that I did it but not at the thought of afternoon training.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I seem to have found my groove in the start of the new year. Being happily on holidays helps of course but it would be just as easy to be wandering into the kitchen to hoover up the thousand Ferrero Rochers that are left over from Christmas. Those and the shortbreads that Peter thankfully finished and there's still a small bowl of almond bread hanging around.

On the other hand I have made a batch of blueberry/oat/egg white and cottage cheese pancakes that I have topped with organic apple baby food (its sugar AND artificial sweetener free and provides the moist sweetness that the pancakes need). The pancakes are an enjoyable daily breakfast. We've been eating a lot of webered and BBQed fish lately so much so that I swear I have gills growing. Peter has declared that he MUST have red meat soon to replenish his iron stores so on the weekend I'll be feeding the man meat - I might even have some myself. We are flush with local stone fruit; mum and dad's crop of apricots is superb and the peaches from my cousin's farm in the Barossa have been good too. Who needs the chocolates and biscuits when there is all that to enjoy?

So in a nutshell, I've been eating well and feeling fantastic. 

I've also been planning out my training for the week and ticking it off as I do it. I'm liking the structure and accountablity that I now have as its certainly making me work that bit harder than when I just winged it with whatever I felt like. I have a nice balance of weight training (3 sessions a week), cardio (mainly a combo of walking and jogging 3 times a week) and 1-2 Bikram yoga classes. Its working really well for me and its adding to all the feelgood hormones that have taken up residence in my body.

I know if I can nail the first 3 weeks of January in this positive state, boosting my physical and emotional health and wellbeing then I can tackle anything that the year will bring. Balance and calm will be mine as I'll have unlocked the secret to happiness that comes from deep within.

:-) M

Monday, January 2, 2012


On Saturday I sat with myself and Geoff Heugill's Be Your Best book and reaffirmed what was important to me in life in general and then more specifically in the coming months. Defining the person I wanted to be I just let my thoughts and feelings flow and here's what hit the page:


When I achieve all of these states, I honestly feel like I could conquer anything. I'm better at managing stress, at organising myself and others and I function pretty damn well. Once even one of the above starts to suffer - well so do I and the wheels can easily fall off.

My goals are really simple because that's what works for me. That and they're from the heart. They actually mean something (well a lot) to me as opposed to random stuff I've rattled off before.

In January I will:

1. Fit back into my size 11 (non-stretch) jeans by the time I go back to work on the 23rd.
2. Start my work based project in order to complete my management training course from last year.

Longer term I will:

1. Maintain my weight at 65kgs or under FOREVER.
2. Achieve a credit grade or higher for the 2 modules I need to do to get my Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.
3. Learn to use our (new) Mini Mac.

So thats it. No earth shattering surprises there but I have taken the plunge and set some goals and put them out there - something I havent done for a while. Maybe more stuff will come up during the year - who knows.

Being on holidays is fantastic as I have time to exercise in the morning WITHOUT getting up at sparrow's fart. I've prepared some fantastic, healthy food and there is no work stress breathing down my neck. I'm lapping all of this up and putting it to good use, thats for sure.

Good night for now folks and I'll be back tomorrow.


Sunday, January 1, 2012


So here is the pic of the white dress that I've raved about and pined for since July. Like I said, a couple of kilos less would have been ideal but hey that wasnt going to rain on my (Christmas) parade.

Here we are doing the usual Christmas pics of the family in all sorts of configurations. You can tell my boy is thinking "just get this rubbish over and done with so we can open presents." Whereas I'm happy to pose for the camera ALL DAY :-)

Christmas Eve and home from being freshly spray tanned and coiffed. Peter said I loooked like I could step on stage to compete - er yeah if it wasnt for the extra 10 kilos I have on my comp weight and the sad lack of quality muscles. Mind you, check out that calf and the decent shoulders I've been blessed with :-)

Ok ok enough of me and my fascination with myself LOL. Its been a great start to the year. We partied last night although we had our boy with us so it wasnt a hugely late night. Its a scorcher here in Adelaide today (40 degrees +) but I did a 44 minute walk / jog and then tucked into a blueberry oat and protein pancake for breakfast. YUM!! Spent the day being lazy: reading the papers, FBing, playing Pokemon with my boy and pottering around with only menial chores before going to my parents' home for dinner. Every New Year's Day my mum cooks pork for dinner as a good luck symbol because its bad luck to eat chicken.

Why is this so? Pigs's snouts move forward (looking to the future) whilst chicken's scratch backwards (looking to the past.) Thats old Hungarian wisdom and who am I to argue?

Serious stuff coming tomorrow about goals and my work with GH.

Happy new year to all