Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Grrrrr blogger commenting just doesn't work for me so just a quick acknowledgement and thanks for both Michelle and Liz's comments on my last post. Things are looking good :-)

Tomorrow is my last day on sick leave. I go back to work on Thursday with mixed feelings. I have a busy day to finish on with my in-laws arriving in the evening. Plus I'm inclined to take myself out for a little treat as well. Stay tuned as I hope to blog again tomorrow with a bit of an operative round up.

My main post-operation focus now is to get my daily rehab exercises done. I have a mix of stretches and strengthening work, nothing being particularly pleasant but absolutely necessary. I still ice and elevate my foot as much as possible and try hard to not be up and about for too long.

I'm gonna wrap it up there. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. Ho hum.


Monday, February 25, 2013


Today was my post op appointment with my surgeon and time for the yucky bandage to come off, stitches to come out and round 1 of post operative physio.

So it all went well and my wound is looking good and even though the surgeon was unpleasantly surprised with my bruising, I was feeling good that it had gone down considerably. On a further positive note I was lucky to not have had any serious pain and also to be able to walk without crutches after one week. I tell you, I have a strong constitution and all this just confirms it.

However whereas my surgeon originally said I could be running again after 4 weeks I'm now told that in 6 week's time I have a final consult to see if everything is ok and that is when I'll be cleared for more strenuous activity. My physio also said that bone surgeries can take 3, 6 or 12 months to heal properly and it's best to err on the side of taking more time than less before getting into the high impact aerobic activity again. So I have resigned myself to take it easy for as long as is recommended. I'd rather have a longer recovery that is 100% than to rush back into running only to find that it aggravates my wound and sets me back.

So right now it's all about ankle and calf muscle rehab plus upper body weights. Lower body weights will follow and running will come later on. And I'm totally fine with that. I have a few more days at home to rest my foot and then I have to tough out going back to work.

That's enough for today. Cheers all.


Sunday, February 24, 2013


Since I got my mobility back on Wednesday night, I've really struggled with the need to keep resting my right foot. I'm not a lazy person by nature so this whole sitting around and not doing much thing is hard to maintain when I know I can be up, about and doing things. In trying to be useful and getting some things done to relieve the pressure off Peter, there have been a few times where I've probably overdone it and spent longer on my feet than I should have :-( when this happens I down tools, grab my frozen peas and try to spend a nice long time back on the couch, foot elevated and iced.

I see the surgeon tomorrow morning to get my protective bandage off. I can't wait for this as its feeling really uncomfortable now. Although its only stuck over the site of the wounds, it's tight, it pulls and it's time for it to go. I can't wait to get my foot cleaned up and pretty again although there is still bruising and swelling to go. After the surgeon I have a follow up physio appointment where I have quite a few questions to get answered. It's going to be a busy morning.

Never one to be held down, I did manage some upper body training this morning. Back and chest, 3 sets of each supersetted for a nice 30 minute workout put me in a god frame of mind for the day ahead. My boys were away on a school father/son camp and I was mighty grateful that I wasn't incapacitated like last weekend. Now it's just nice to have them back home and getting ready for the week ahead.

Stay tuned for my update after my bandage comes off. Cheers all


Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last night I did my ankle mobilisation exercises and was really pleased that they were no longer painful. Peter asked if I could stand on my foot so I gave it a tentative go and found that I could. Then I decided to take a few tentative steps and found they were in the main, pain free. I put my crutches down and started walking using small, slow steps. It was so liberating.

The swelling is almost gone and once my bandage comes off on Monday, I think my foot will look ok. It feels ok and that's great. My biggest challenges today will be getting up the stairs which I'm determined to try and then not overdoing it. That is balancing out getting some stuff done but still having enough time off my feet so I don't set myself back.

I now know without a doubt that as the surgeon said, I'll be running again at the 4 week mark. But right now it's just so good to be crutchesless even if I'm painfully slow and have absolutely no agility.

Life is good.

:-) M

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Firstly thanks again to Pip, Sandra, Michelle and Liz for taking the time to comment on my last post. Michelle, I sure did have that glass of wine and Sandra I get how Cassie would have felt although I was told to take my weight on my hands and not my armpits but geez crutches aren't fun.

Today I have come to the realisation that all my weird new aches and pains are purely from the awesome upper body workout you get from using crutches. The amount of isometric contractions you end up doing as you support your body weight on your palms is quite amazing. No wonder so many muscles are so sore.

Anyway before I realised this I had stubbornly made up my mind that today I was ready to do an upper body workout. I have a bung foot but everything else is in good working order so why not work it? I could tell Peter disapproved but I assured him that it would be a short, light workout. So as soon as the boys had left for the day I hobbled out to my studio on my crutches and this is what I did:

Seated rows using a slightly lower than usual weight and only one foot providing an anchor for support x 4 sets
Lat raises at my usual weight one foot taking my body weight x 4 sets
Girl push-ups x 4 sets
Seated overhead bumbbell raises at my usual weight x 4 sets.

Nothing stressed my foot as I was able to keep my weight off it whilst giving my upper body a good workout. The whole thing took about half an hour and I felt pretty smug that I'd done it.

However the rest of the day I overdid it a bit. I hobbled out for coffee, spent too long doing stuff in the kitchen and managed 2 loads of washing. At one stage in the kitchen in the afternoon I could feel my foot starting to throb and ache. 'Get it elevated' was the message it was sending but I'd promised to do some food prep and I didn't want to go back on my promise.

So in hindsight the workout wasn't such a good idea but hey, you live and learn and tomorrow I will be taking it easier, I promise.


Monday, February 18, 2013


Well the stir craziness is slowly seeping in as mentioned by Kek and Michelle's comments on my last blog post.

I need to preface this by saying that my recovery is going well and in the big scheme of things my 'injury' is extremely minor and trust me I am truly grateful for this. Things could be a LOT worse. But today I want to blog about the ugly side of having a surgery that leaves you somewhat mobility restricted.

I have blogged quite openly about my persistent lack of regularity. It seems to be with me constantly unless I make a mega effort to modify my diet to something I haven't been able to easily maintain. Well I'm finding now that the combination of anaesthetic, inactivity and eating less to match that level of inactivity has resulted in some serious lack of regularity :-( Finally after 2 doses of a fibre supp (I hate the "L" word) there has been some relief but it was several days coming.

The other thing I've noticed is the sore spots I'm getting from the crutches or the imbalance in my gait. My op was on my right foot so my left side has been weight bearing while I ease off my right. What I've noticed is the left hip muscle that runs across the bone and down and forward has become really sensitive. So much so that if I stretch it out, it has a very painful burning feeling in it. My left tricep too at the very top almost at my armpit has become very sore. When I go to get up from the couch it pulls and I get that painful burning feeling in it too. I'm sure it's not the crutches as my weight is supported on the hands and not the armpits. I think it's the Universe reminding me that being inactive is not a viable way of life for me.

Today I hobbled out to one of my favourite local cafes despite the heat and the crutches. Oh the freedom of escaping the sofa, having a coffee :-) and being out in the world again. It was a really enjoyable hour even if it was a bit hot to sit outside. I call it my 'sanity break' and am now just hanging out for Peter and Mitchell to come home and for us to have dinner together. Oh and there might just be a glass of wine with it too :-)


Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today was a really tough day in the mental sense. Another day of inactivity on the sofa and no outing. Peter was really busy doing all the stuff I can't do plus exercising, working and then catching up with his best mate for his BM's birthday. I just couldn't impose an 'I need to get out' on him. So no outing today. Plus it was really hot here and admittedly my foot does not like to be in a lowered position.

At one stage I really wanted to go out for coffee and I know I would have had cake with it but alas it wasn't to be and I ended up eating a piece of leftover Atlantic salmon with some pre-chopped purple carrot sticks LOL. At least it's a healthier option, I guess. The highlight has definitely been a late dinner with Peter and a glass of wine.

On another positive note, I've been painkiller free today and I know my recovery is going well. I've just got to suck this up and give it the time it needs.



Knowing how much I'd like to get out Peter offered us lunch out yesterday which I jumped at ...... well figuratively speaking LOL. So after a morning spent siting outside and then on the couch, I put on a little make up, got dressed into non-lounging clothes and we drove 2 streets away to have lunch at a new cafe that's opened up in our area. Parking was a problem and ironically I ended up walking a little less than I would have had I walked from home. Never mind, I'm quite good on my crutches now. Although it was a very hot day and we sat outside, it was so good to get away from home. I didn't have a coffee (waving to Pip and Sandra - thanks for your comments on my last blog post) but I did have a glass of Pinot noir with my Mediterranean lamb salad. Bliss!!

I got through yesterday with only 2 nurofens which I was pretty happy about. I'm finding that as long as my foot is elevated there is no pain. It tends to ache when it's at ground level and when I do my rehab exercises. But it's all bearable. I thought it would actually be worse. So all in all I can't complain about the op or my recovery. I'm just looking forward to walking normally and then running again.

I'll probably blog again tonight as Peter will be going to the footy so Mitchell and I will be fending for ourselves for a while. I can feel s coffee outing coming on today, that's for sure :-)


Friday, February 15, 2013


Again thanks to Charlotte and Kek for your good wishes. I agree, the Blogger / iPad marriage just doesn't work but at least I can post updates as right now I can't get up the stairs to the PC.

I started today in pretty good spirits because I'd felt ok over the last 2 days. I was secretly planning to hobble to one of my fave coffee shops for both the outing and the chance to have a decent coffee. I just thought I'd be ok.

Well I was completely wrong. Every little bit of activity wore me out and I even struggled to do crosswords or Sudokus. I'd last maybe 10 minutes before needing a little shut eye. I kept waiting to feel better but it just wasn't to be. I ended up having a massive sleep in the afternoon, so much so that I didn't even hear Peter get home from work.

It was so nice to have him home. We sat outside and talked and he organised dinner. He wouldn't let me have any wine tonight and in all honesty I didn't even feel like any. Go figure! Just him being here really lifted my spirits :-)

I'm weaning myself off the painkillers now although I felt I still needed some today. On the bright side I haven't touched the strong stuff. I'm sure this uber tiredness is just the anaesthetic in my body. Geez it knocks you about. Oh and as for the rehab exercises .... YUK. Achilles stretches just downright hurt but I still have to do them 4 times a day, along with other strength work and stretching.

If I'm feeling better tomorrow Peter will take me on an outing. Fingers crossed! I can't wait to get out and have a nice coffee.

Cheers all


Thursday, February 14, 2013


Firstly my thanks goes to Liz, Michelle and Sandra for your good wishes. I'm blogging on my iPad mini and sadly the blogger app doesn't work well on here at all. More often than not, it won't post my replies to comments and I just can't work out why. Hence my lack of reply to comments posted.

We are fortunate to have a spare guest bedroom which I took advantage of last night. I propped my foot up and managed a reasonable night's sleep. I woke with feeling back in half of my foot and I could wriggle my toes. After removing the bulky bandage and covering the wound with a waterproof bandage, Peter helped me to shower and got my breakfast amongst 500 other things that he had to do.

I'm well dosed up on over the counter painkillers and I haven't needed the good prescription stuff. I've started my rehab exercises which can only be described as 'mighty uncomfortable' but I know they're important in preventing the muscles becoming totally useless. I've stayed on my crutches today but putting some pressure on my foot has been ok. I won't need to use crutches for very long, I can tell.

Yesterday when I had to keep off my right leg completely, I noticed just how weak my left leg is. Funnily, after much getting up and down using my left leg, today it felt stronger. What's that saying 'every cloud ....... ' I might just come out of this with a strong left leg LOL.

Being couch bound and inactive has meant I've had little appetite which is very unusual for me. However I am devouring crosswords and Sudokus galore as I lose myself in Ellen and Dr Phil. And as for 'The Doctors' OMG they discuss EVERYTHING! Talk about getting an education.

Still very tired so I'm looking forward to another night's sleep.

Cheers all


Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Today was foot op day, delayed from Monday as originally booked. In the lead up I nailed an awesome run/walk on Sunday despite having a tight and sore lower back. I did a new route where the first 30 minutes was uphill, hence the lower back and gluteus weren't happy. I had to resort to my 'Cliff Young shuffle' pace but I persevered. Just after the 30 minute mark I turned a corner for the reciprocal downhill return. My, that felt good and I clocked my longest running time of 50 minutes since from very long ago. My total time was over an hour AND there was the added challenge of doing this at lunch time instead of first thing in the morning. I was mighty proud that I didn't blow it off and indeed gave it a mighty fine effort.

Sadly I pulled up really sore through back, hips, gluteus etc so on Monday it was a moderate session of mixed cardio (bike and rower) and then a visit to my chiropractor so that he could work his usual miracles. On Tuesday I tried sprint repeats but the legs and hips weren't happy so I cut them short and finished off with more CYS jogging and then walking. Phew! Now I can deal with being incapacitated LOL.

My op went well I'm told and I had no problems in recovery. When I was discharged the nurse wheeled me out in a wheelchair. Boy, did I feel special then! Peter loaded my crutches into the car and off we went to my new home, the couch where I've hung out all day. The block in my foot is still effective so I have no feeling or movement below my right knee but all my pain killing drugs are at hand. In fact I've been told to start taking both Panadol and Nurofen now to get some build up in my system. I also have a prescription serious pain killer for when the block wears off. I expect I'll be rattling soon.

So it's been a tiring and drowsy day with lots of short naps and I can feel an early bed coming on. And then day 2 of more of the dame minus the surgery.

Cheers all


Thursday, February 7, 2013


I'm now mentally counting down til I have my foot op and potentially 2 weeks with little - no exercise, although I'm quietly determined that some upper body work will happen once I've recovered from the effects of the anaesthetic. I'm sure it'll be a mental challenge as much as a physical one as I've never in my life been incapacitated in such a way. It'll be very weird to sit or lie around and wait for Peter to come home and make dinner but I plan to rest properly and not put any unnecessary strain on my foot before I'm allowed.

I've had a bit of a motivation resurgence this week and have been rockin my training. On Monday I got up early as I had a bit of insomnia and was awake hours before my alarm. My session consisted of back and chest weights done in super-sets and then followed up with spin bike intervals (sprints and hill climbs). I trained for about an hour :-) On Tuesday I hit our rower choosing 2 fairly challenging programs and cranking up the levels (intensity) for a good 30+ minutes workout. I followed that up with some ab work and yesterday I hit legs with heavy (for me) weights and a bit of core work. I haven't been able to put weight on my right elbow since I fell over running in early January. Today I got back into sprint repeats although my legs were sore and tired and my sprints were pathetically slow :-( Regardless, it was still a good workout.

Work continues to be extremely busy with some BIG stuff going on. As soon as my boss gives me feedback on a document I was working on yesterday, I'll be off here and hard at it again. I'm sort of looking forward to a forced break from work even if its convalescing on the couch LOL.

I've also been putting a fair bit of effort into staying positive an balanced this week. There have been some challenging incidents both personally and at work that could easily have tipped me into the "eat to feel better" state but I've been really conscious of that and have actively worked on changing my thinking to get different (better) actions. For instance, when I felt like total crap yesterday morning I just sat with those feelings knowing that things would eventually improve. Resorting to junk food would actually NOT make me feel any better. Now if this mindset could just etch itself permanently into my psyche!

Cheers all

:-) M


Monday, February 4, 2013


Wow, I cant believe its February already. Where did January go? 

Well it went on me covering my boss's job while she holidayed in New York. Yep for 7 or so weeks I was the director during an uncharacteristically busy time. By choice my weekends were low key with little to no socialising - I just didn't have the energy or inclination. Sadly I really struggled in the last week. I wasn't in a good head space, made poor food choices justified by the "oh I'm so stressed" excuse, blew off my training and indulged myself in a "woe is me, I just want to wallow in my pity party" mood. Even Peter gently commented about where I was and where I need to be to be in my happy place. God bless him, patiently supporting me through those tough times that I (and all other people) hit.

I can say unequivocally though that being a full time exec would not be my choice. Sure the money is good but a lot is demanded and expected of you and I found myself going home and sitting in a vegetative state on the couch on some nights. Funny, I'm actually happier as a 2IC. My boss is great to work for and I'm happiest supporting her by managing my part of her portfolio.

So sadly January didn't end well but never fear as the solution for getting me out of my slump was in place. I had booked into a health / fitness / wellness seminar run by the gorgeous Amelia Ricci from Living Beauty . So on Sunday I spent the day listening to Amelia and her assistant coach Gemma Dawson talk about the LB lifestyle covering diet (eating for a lean body), training, recovery, tuning up the mental toolkit, planning for success (time management, goal setting, positive attitude etc) and debunking diet and fitness industry myths. Amelia is a yoga instructor as well and she did a 40 minute class of various yoga moves and stretches.

The workshop exceeded my expectations. Amelia is a smart and successful woman in her day job. She is intelligent, articulate and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and sharing what she knows, having found out the hard way by experimenting with different diets and gimmicks. Not just that though, it was really obvious that both she and Gemma radiate positive energy galore. Not once did I feel like they were hard selling their business and that was a real bonus.

So I immersed myself into the day, took lots of notes (mostly of tips and advice about mindset) and just let the inspiration wash over me. I left feeling like a new person ready to say no to the crappy food and several glasses of wine (1 was enough that night LOL) and the personal pity party.

I guess we all have different things that rock our world but for me it was a really enjoyable day and I got a lot out of it.

:-) M