Friday, December 30, 2011


I've taken this straight from Geoff Heugill's 'Be Your Best'. I plan to take some quiet 'me-time' tomorrow to think about my personal code of conduct and how I can use it to be my best in 2012.

I love these basic bits of sensible and doable advice that can be applied to any part of your life. I have no aspirations to be an elite athlete (LOL) but I do want to do well at my studies and I plan to nail some health and fitness goals.

And now for something a bit lighter and fluffier - here's my new do (more pics to come shortly). Eeegads, looking a little worse for wear after a few drinks with dinner. All the more reason to cut back in 2012.

We are partying with my bestie Miss E at her home complete with pool and drinks provided. It'll be a scorcher here in Adelaide so it should be a great night.

What are your plans for NYE?


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


With only a few days left in this year, I thought it would be a good time to look back on how 2011 panned out.

After the horrendous start with floods, tsunamis and other freaks of nature the year got off to a good start. I started training for my 2nd half marathon and got to about 4 weeks out when I was plagued by chronic injury that wouldn't respond to physio or chiro treatment. I made a wise decision to downgrade to a 10km race instead so as not to waste all that training effort. Post race I kept running but my injury got steadily worse. Eventually I saw the light and decided to hang up my running shoes and become a walker instead.

I spent the first half of the year still struggling with my eating. Weight up, weight down (not by a lot but enough to be damn annoying) binging, making up for it, over and over. On 10 June things took a turn when I made a decision to stop dieting, accept how I was and start trusting myself to know what, how to eat. I can honestly say "life was good" as my weight came down and I was feeling calm and happy within myself.

In August I discovered Bikram yoga and was instantly in love with this style of workout. I don't go often but I love how it makes me feel and the meditation aspect of it is awesome. It will never be my main form of working out but I plan to keep it up in 2012.

Weight training has never been my passion but I kept up a reasonable schedule for most of the 2nd half of the year. The fact that I wasn't running coupled with a careful approach to my lower body training saw my injury subside significantly. I had some really good months from June to about October.

Professionally my highlights were studying my management training course which I really loved and my stint as Acting Director in October. After the initial fear of failure I decided to embrace the opportunity and give it my best shot. It was a tough time with a massive workload, study ramping up to exams and managing my home life as well but I got through it all admirably, I thought.

So I'm not quite sure what happened in November but when the wheels fell off, they REALLY fell off. I was binging frequently again. I'd lost my training mojo. I lost my trust in myself. I was no longer in my happy place and struggled through several weeks, off and on, in this state.

Look I'm not complaining. Life is good and I know I have so much to be grateful for but I know I could have finished the year much better than I did. There is a hint of disappointment around this and hence I've planned the start of 2012 to be different and better.

Phew what a year that was but I'll be glad to say goodbye and embrace the new one with a different outlook and some specific goals. Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Just as I thought, Mother Nature delivered the expected case of lower body DOMS today. It started to set in late morning luckily after my Bikram yoga class. Speaking of which, boy, did I struggle today!!! My body just didn't want to bend, or stretch. My right knee was plagued by a sharp pain when trying to awkward pose with knees together. I had to stand it out. I got through but it was definitely one of my poorer efforts.

The in laws are with us for a few days now but I still plan to get my training done in the morning. This afternoon they went to visit some friends so I headed out for a nice brisk walk. I did 45 minutes and felt so much better after several hours of siting around. I tell you, all this relaxing is hard work. It makes me tired LOL.

Tomorrow I'm tackling upper body and core. It's my favorite of my 2 weights sessions. There'll probably be some upper body DOMS to match what I already have.

Anyways that's it for me today. Lazy days. Holidays. Days to think about 2012.


Monday, December 26, 2011


Today it's all about enjoying the laziness of Boxing Day. The entire family (all 3 of us LOL) had a sleep in this morning. BLISS. Peter went for a run and I attacked my lower body and abs training. It felt good to seriously move again. We skipped breakfast with the family and had a healthier, lighter option at home. My system was instantly happy from being treated so well. Although I'll probably be rewarded with another case of DOMS tomorrow as its been too long between training sessions.

The next few days are all about moderation. We still have family here and lots of social eating and drinking but my plan is to keep the food relatively clean and enjoy a wine or two. That and daily exercise should help things level back out until next week. Then it'll be time to cut the wine back further and tackle some health and fitness goals for 2012. And I won't be going it alone this time. Yes I have enlisted some help to get me leaner, fitter and healthier. I'm already working with Hilde but will be ramping things up from next week.

Hilde understands that I'm not interested in a regimented diet plan and that I want to keep working on trusting myself to make the right food choices. But I do need support to improve some of my habits around alcohol and treat foods. Plus my training had become so lacklustre that it really needed a serious kick in the butt. So I have a training program that gives me that much needed boost. We are working together to establish good, healthy lifestyle patterns. There's no 12 week challenge, no using this as a stepping stone to another comp nor anything that I can't continue with forever. Oh and no weekly weighing and measuring. I can honestly tell where my body is at now without jumping on the Metal Monster.

So there you have it. A different approach to get the outcome I want but one that I feel really positive about. Bring on a leaner, fitter and healthier 2012.

:-) M

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Although I do love Christmas, I can honestly say "I'm glad it's over." I'm Christmassed out and will grab an early night as a serious recharge is in order.

I don't know what it is but the season just melts away all good intentions and I eat too much, drink too much and end up feeling rather bleuuur. And it's not just for one day but the whole week. I can't wait to get some normality back into my life.

Yesterday I took the plunge and got my hair cut seriously short and funky. I also got a spray tan to go with today's white dress (pics to come) and I tell you, I'm a new woman. My in laws hardly recognized me when they came for dinner last night LOL. Today I slipped on the white body hugging dress, ignored the extra couple of kilos that I didn't want, put on my killer red heels with a good dose of positive attitude and carried it all off beautifully. It helps when your shoes are so high that you're scaling the 6 foot mark and looking down on most people. I'm sure the extra kilos disappeared with my added height.

Tomorrow there will be training (probably lower body weights), a day spent with family, sensible eating, less drinking and lots of chilling out. My system needs to rebalance so I get back to my happy place, ready to tackle 2012. I like Liz's idea of monthly goals and am planning some of my January goals now.

Cheers to you all and hoping you've had a great day.

Xx m

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today mum had her final 2011 appointmement with the Diabetes Educator (DE). She's been checking her blood sugar levels for 2 weeks and the DE assessed her results and checked her weight yet again. Mum got gold stars all round. She has maintained her sugar levels well within the recommended bandwidth and in the last 2 weeks she registered another 1.5kg loss on the scales. In 4 weeks she has lost 4.5kgs plus the bit she lost before starting to see the DE. All she's done is cut the sugary and fatty foods from her diet and introduced daily walking. She still eats 3 serves of fruit every day and manages 3 meals and 3 snacks with a good variety of foods. Who says you cant teach an old dog (she's 75) new tricks??? LOL

Today's visit was focussed on educating about circulation and the risks that diabetics have with their feet, eyes and kidneys. The DE explained very simply and clearly how gangrene can form and possibly lead to amputation. Also how diabetes affects the eyes and kidneys where blood vessels are particularly fine and or delicate. Yet again I was totally absorbed in the "lesson". I've learnt so much by going with mum and listening to the information presented to her.

On a positive note mum is down to just 3 blood sugar tests / week now and under instruction to enjoy Christmas Day and eat what she wants but not to stuff herself and not to get drunk (LOL she is at absolutely no risk of either!!). I'm planning to sneak a pair of "diabetic socks" into her Christmas stocking - who ever thought there was such a thing??!!

Her visits next year will be just monitoring her progress to ensure that she stays on track with her new good habits. In light of her diagnosis I have decided to do my health check annually despite having a very good result early this year. I'd rather be aware and informed than to bury my head in the sand thinking "it wont happen to me."

Cheers all for now


Saturday, December 17, 2011


How are you all coping with the silliness of the festive season? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say how crazy its all getting as the BIG day draws closer.

For example, last week I managed to be out EVERY night of the week. Now for an old homebody like me - who leads a boring, sheltered life (LOL) - this is unheard of. But I did get out: Monday to Bikram yoga, Tuesday to speech night at my son's school, Wednesday I took my boy skating after dinner, Thursday Peter and I had a late dinner out and last night was the end of year booze up for both mine and Peter's work. Phew, I'm exhausted just thinking back about it all. A sleep in til 9.15 this morning was VERY welcome!!

I've accepted that in these couple of weeks I wont be making any major fitness gains or drops in scale numbers and thats ok. Moderation is my mantra and if I can coast through in this mode, I'll be really happy. Yesterday's partying from lunch through til early night was a good example. I had a few champagnes at lunch time (which lasted til 5pm BTW!!) and then took a break and guzzled as much water as I could comfortably fit in. At 6.30 I met Peter and his work friends and we headed out for a Chinese dinner followed by the casino. I had a few more wines/champagnes but nowhere near as many as in previous years.

Training wise I've done ok with my highlight being yesterday morning's upper body weights session. After no weight training for a few weeks, my whole upper body was shaking after I finished, thanks to 4 supersets and 3 x 1 min planks (my limit has been 50 seconds up til now). It was just what my muscles needed after a 2-3 week hiatus LOL.

So I'm looking ahead with the same mindset:

  • Eat well during the week
  • Get in as many AFDs (alcohol free days) as possible
  • Move as much as possible
  • Dont neglect the sleep
  • At work stay focussed, calm and complete the "To Do" list
  • Enjoy next weekend!!

What does next week have in store for you??

Cheers all


Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I saw my local book shop advertise this as a Christmas gift idea. It was near the end of November - a pretty horrible month for me - and it sort of spoke to me. The next day I picked it up in Target for $13 less (sorry, local bookstore but a saving is a saving) and have really enjoyed reading it.

Its an easy read with lots of pictures and higlighted quotes. Its written in the first person in a casual, conversational style and tells his story from learning to swim at 3 years of age through to the present day. His swimming highlights, his swimming low lights and his personal struggles.

This chapter in particular was a great read. I didnt know Geoff's story at all other than "great swimmer and then he left swimming and got really fat." This chapter is raw and honest. If you've had a bad day, or a bad patch it can make you feel less alone knowing that even the greatest can hit rock bottom - and not just for a day or a week. Depression can suck the life out of you and it certainly did for Geoff. The road to recovery is not always as easy as a bit of positive self talk and 20 minutes of exercise. It can and does take a long time to see positive changes after taking positive action.


I'm still reading this final section because I want to really savour it, absorb it. Although its somewhat on the light side it stays in sync with the rest of the book. The messages are clear and simple, yet again an easy read. Plus its split into 3 facets: Champion Spirit, Champion Mindset and Champion Health. They meld together beautifully into what became a winning formula for Geoff's comeback.

There are lots of great athletes around and there's no denying the blood, sweat and tears they put into their training to achieve elite status. However, to have all that and then lose it so badly (From Hero to Zero) and then regain it is no mean feat. No wonder he can confidently espouse the virtues of his "Champion" approach to life now.

Cheers all


Friday, December 9, 2011


Another week done and dusted. Peter acting in an exec position and working like a demon. My work has ramped down a little but MUST maintain motivation for another 2 weeks. Just breathe and do it.

Application for uni course was lodged today. I'll spare the gory details but this was on again / of again more times than I care to write about. Lets just say that in the end Adelaide Uni came through and it looks like all systems go now for a Feb start.

Had a lovely Christmas lunch yesterday as a guest of one of our service providers. Met up with an ex neighbour that we were really good friends with and sat next to him at the lunch. Couldnt understand why I just couldnt engage him in a conversation - not about his youngest son (born just before our boy), not about his older kids, his wife, his work. He managed a few sentences about moving house and then engaged in conversation with others about where he lives now. I was baffled. I told my family about it that night including the fact that he had put on a LOT of weight. Mum said he probably felt embarassed running into me. WTF??!! Do guys (middle-aged men) think that way???

Will be writing a book review soon - watch this space.

Signing off now and attempting AGAIN to receive today's emails.

Cheers all


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This afternoon Mum had her second appointment with the Diabetes Educator (DE) and the topic was "diet analysis and feedback." Mum has kept a diet diary for 2 weeks and the DE examined it and gave feedback on what mum's been eating - keeping in mind she (Mum) has been instructed to lose weight and been given a list of foods she should and shouldnt eat. There is no such thing as intuitive eating when you're managing Type 2 diabetes through diet and lifestyle!!

So the first bit of good news was a 2.9kg loss on the scales (over a 2 week period). Mum's diet is a lot leaner but she still eats cashews and avocado for good fats. Gone are the daily cakes and fatty salami style meats - replaced with lean beef and chicken breasts. She is allowed 3 serves of fruit every day and she has this religiously as she loves fruit.

The examination of her diet got the thumbs up - leaner, still good variety and obviously getting the desired result. Plus she is eating 6 times a day so there is no starvation involved. Add the daily walking (for a longer time now than what she could manage 2 weeks ago) and she was scoring gold stars left right and centre.

She then had a lesson in how to measure blood sugar levels and was provided with the necessary machinery for this and the visit finished with a lesson on the implications and side effects of diabetes with very clear instructions as to why it was SO important to manage the lifestyle factors that impact on it.

I'm so proud of mum for really making the effort to change and not taking this lightly. I know Dad has had a bit of a whinge about some of the "new food" but he's been told to "be quiet" and he has also lost some weight.

As for me, I did a little mini meet with my Metal Monster this morning and to my surprise it was telling me that I'm still in the 65s (albeit only be hair's whisker). That's a nice levelling out if ever there was one. Now to have that drop a little more by Christmas Day would be like icing on my cake :-)


Monday, December 5, 2011


Wow there are now less than 3 weeks to Christmas and judging by how time goes at this time of year, the BIG day will be here in what feels like 5 minutes. Breathe!

My thighs and butt now bear the result of November's struggles with binge eating :-( and although I havent reacquainted myself with the Metal Monster, I dont need to as I can just feel the extra kilos. I dont like them but I also dont beat myself up over them or what lead to them being there.

Yesterday morning I tried on my Christmas Day dress (white and very body hugging) and admitted it didnt look quite as good as I had hoped. I'm really counting on the spray tan and killer red heels to make the difference - oh and a total chop to a short and funky hairstyle. But at the end of the day I know I can carry off the dress as long as I feel good and maintain good posture and a smile on my face. Those three work wonders together - NOT stressing about the size of my thighs LOL.

December is going well and I'm about to try something a bit different but that I feel very positive about. Lips are sealed for now though while I sort things out and then see how it all pans out. Watch this space, I say.

Cheers all


Friday, December 2, 2011


I have a good feeling about December.

November ended on a totally crappy note. I was back on struggle street, my eating out of control for a few days, my thoughts just a mess, work issues sucking the life out of me. I was on a real downer.

But I started December wanting to make a clean break, a new beginning. I just had to get a good day under my belt. Well as it turned out I managed a little "me-time" stopping for a coffee to kill some time on my way to a meeting (long story as to how I had time to kill). I got my journal out and the thoughts, revelations, aha moments just flowed. It seemed that after weeks and weeks of struggling with on again/off again binging, it finally came to me why it was happening, what was causing it and I can now plan a way forward.

I tell you, this journey is like an onion - layer upon layer that needs to be peeled away. Having conquered my issues with dieting, fixation on scale numbers and acceptance of my body at this weight, I thought I had nailed it. But of course it was never going to be THAT simple and I now have a new layer to work on. But I'm good with that - in fact more than being good with it - I'm relieved that I have identified just what I need to work on :-) Happy. Happy (in a wierd sort of way LOL)

Finally the study issue has been resolved. I shared my concerns with Peter over coffee this morning (our first chance for a short but proper talk) and HE was insisting that I do it. Long story short - you never know where the qualifications will take you and I was taking too narrow a view. Of course he's right (logical thinking vs emotional reaction) and I'm quietly relieved as deep down I would have been disappointed to pass up the opportunity. So its full steam ahead with my Grad Cert and then see where I want to go after that.

As you can tell, I'm back in my happy place :-)