Monday, June 3, 2013


I'm not going to beat about the bush .... I REALLY don't like Mondays. Plus some are worse than others and today has started with a bit of a struggle. You see, I had a GREAT weekend with lots of going out, eating out, having wine ... you get my drift. Even though I didn't 'pig out' I still ate more than usual and am feeling just a little 'blobby' today. This will right itself in a couple of days and I'm not stressing about it coz I know all that good fun comes at a price :-)

However today has been a bit of a struggle as I woke up with a niggly lower back, an aching right hip and a sore left knee. What a combination, hey??!! I was already in 2 minds as to whether to 300 it today or just do a more traditional leg workout and was leaning towards just going hard on legs. However this combo of ailments was not a good place to start and I could see me slipping into a bit of a 'woe-is-me' state of mind if training legs was going to be problematic. So I switched things around completely and worked back, chest and core instead. I went as high as I could on my weights and certainly gave it my best because I could and I wanted to start the week on a good note and not one of defeat and feeling miserable.

My gut instinct is that my body is not liking the long runs. I've never had knee problems but in the last year or so they are just starting to niggle. Yesterday's hour of power no doubt upset my left knee and God only knows why my right hip has decided to give me grief. I don't suppose being almost 50 has anything to do with it??!! (Goddam body, its too early to start letting me down, you hear!!) Peter has suggested that I run shorter times but at higher intensity and whilst I know he's probably right, my heart just loves the long slow jogs that I'm currently doing. I truly get into Runner's Zen and find its my most enjoyable training session of the week. 

So I'm not sure what this week will bring but I know it will not be defeat morphing into slothdom. My goal is 6 consecutive days of training (at least 40 minutes each time) and then a rest day on Saturday. Then my next week starts with Sunday's hour of power :-) which may be modified to a shorter run followed by some rowing. 

Finally on Saturday night we had dinner out with some friends that we don't see very often and my GF commented that I had definitely lost weight. The Metal Monster isn't telling me its very much at all but maybe a few kilos down coupled with a ton of feeling good about myself translates to generally looking awesome. Well that's my theory and I'm stickin to it LOL.