Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Sneakers in a bag behind my desk ready for a lunch time walk.

Work friend asks if I'd like to go out to lunch.

Ten minutes later I'm sitting in the pub drinking a red wine and waiting for my lamb salad to be served.

Coz that's pretty much how I roll. LOL.

No guilt. No regrets. Feeling really comfortable in my skin and not sweating the small stuff. 

:-) M

Monday, July 29, 2013


Blowing my own trumpet here but I'm pleased to say I have taken the first step towards setting up my new blog. Admittedly it was a "Mac Use for Dummies" lesson with Peter but its a start. Things got away from me a bit on Sunday and I didn't make it down to our local bookshop but in the meantime I can practice my 'Mac skills' and play around a bit on Wordpress. The blog ideas are all there, I just need the vehicle to share them.

I've also had another small win today and that was getting out for a walk at lunch time. I packed my sneakers and set out at noon under glorious blue skies and a mild temperature. Who'd have thought after this morning's rain? It was just 25 minutes but nevertheless it was great to move and breath the (fresh?) city air. Add this to my 300 workout and spin bike sprint intervals this morning and I'm satisfied with this level of exercise/activity considering I have no specific goals right now.

Well actually I tell a small lie because my one goal is to not gain any weight after my holiday. I've eased back on the treats and eating breakfast out every day last week. This year I've even decided to forego my annual birthday dinner at Mum and Dad's. Whilst I absolutely love Mum's roast chicken and her home made vanilla slice, the birthday dinner always results in 2or 3 pieces of cake being eaten and then more pieces being taken home for the next day or two. After my eating tour of Europe, I can honestly say I'm caked out and would rather NOT disappoint Mum by not being interested in it after she has slaved for hours to make it. She was ok with that. There is always next year :-)

Cheers all





Friday, July 26, 2013


I have been at work for 3 days now. On the up side, the mental stimulation has helped me get over my jetlag and I'm enjoying sleeping through the night now. For two days in a row I have gotten up at 5.30 to do some form of exercise. Whilst I'd like to call it 'training' so I sound more hardcore than I really am, right now that would be a bit misleading. A 300 workout with some spin bike hill sprints and an easy walk/jog this morning hardly qualify as 'training' so I'm settling for 'exercising'. Its better than what I have managed since I've been home which is close to nothing.

On the downside it didn't take long for my neck and shoulders to be sore from hunching over a keyboard for most of the day. That and sitting on my arse all day and I realise just how much happier our bodies are when they are moving. Well mine is anyway. Next week I shall aim for a lunch time walk, weather and workload permitting, at least on some days. I cant beat walking 24 kms around London in one day and then a lazy 10kms around Budapest on another but I can just aim to move more. 

Last night marked the end of my birthday cake leftovers and whilst I love, love, love cake, I can honestly say I am well and truly over it now. I admire Peter who is off work recovering from a knee op and managing to eat cake for morning/afternoon tea and dessert. That's two serves a day. Medal-worthy if you ask me. Yes I know it can be frozen (the cake that is) but my problem is once its put away it never gets taken out again. So I shared the love giving it away to my in-laws, parents and work colleagues. I consider that a win-win as do my arse and thighs :-)

My goal for this weekend is to get my new blog underway. It may take a while to get it up and running because a lot has to happen behind the scenes but I'm vowing to take the first step(s). I shall report back on this next week and feel free to send a cyber-slap if I fail to meet my goal. And thank you to Liz for prompting me to do this. Yep sometimes I work better when given a push or a prod. 

Well that's enough from me for today. I'm finishing up at work soon, picking my boy up from school, taking him out for coffee (me) and a biscuit (him) and then home to chill out with my incapacitated husband. Maybe the dinner fairy will magically produce something nice for us later.

:-) M



Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Well hello to anybody who might still be out there in Blogland and remotely interested in my blog. Its been seriously neglected of late with June being a very busy work month leading up to my holidays in July followed by my 50th birthday celebrations on the 21st. Phew. I feel tired just thinking back over all of that.

FB friends will know all that I've been up to including my gastronomic tour of Europe where 'indulgence' became my middle name. I have eaten more cake over the last month than I would normally eat in a year and I admit that I enjoyed every minute and every mouthful :-) Balance that with tons of walking and the cake being a meal as opposed to an added extra and I managed to pull up looking somewhat ok for my 50th birthday celebrations, instead of the oompah loompah I thought I might turn into. Sorry I have no pics here that I can share but will see what I can do for future posts.

For some time I've been thinking of updating my blog and taking it in a slightly different direction. I have lots of ideas in my head but with my home PC about to die and blogging from work (as I'm doing now) not being a long term option, I'm struggling to bring it all together. First I must face the daunting task of learning to use a Mac and then see if I can manage Wordpress. Oh, so much change! But I guess that's not a bad thing.

Anyways, today is all about short and sweet. I'm saving the deep and meaningful words of wisdom for my next few posts because of course now that I'm 50 I qualify to write such stuff. Well I like to think so.

Cheers guys