Wednesday, September 25, 2013


1. I make my family's lunches (not weird) and every time I put spinach leaves on Peter's sandwich I think of Michelle Obama (VERY weird).

2. I was a smart kid (often top or 2nd in my class) but I couldn't do mental arithmetic - not even the basic, easy stuff. If I couldn't see the question written down, my brain couldn't compute the answer.

3. I love medical shows and used to watch RPA (in all its gory glory) whilst eating my dinner in front of the TV whilst Peter made sure he was never in the room when it was on (wuss!).

4. Crowds and large gatherings bring out my emotions and I'll often get teary for no real reason.

5. As a kid I used to be terrified of crossing bridges. I wonder if in another life I had died in a drowning accident after falling off a bridge.

6. I have Egyptian feet in that my second toes are longer than my big toes (not THAT weird but interesting).

7. I love liver and if I never ate chocolate again I wouldn't be upset (MEGA weird!).

8. I have a precise step by step method for drinking a cappuccino which includes licking off any chocolate that has stuck to the rim of the coffee cup (but I swear if I never ate chocolate again, it wouldn't bother me).

9. I've been a homeowner since my early 20s and I still hate gardening. For all the people who told me that will change when I have my own place I say "Wrong!!".

10. I got a kick out of sharing this weird (and wonderful) side of me.

Any takers to do the same??



  1. I found out some interesting info about you here! When I next blog, I'm gonna take your lead and do the same so keep tuned! Well done on being a homeowner for so long and it's very good of you to make lunches for all your family :-) Lol on the cappuccino!

  2. Might try and do this - I'm sure I can find 10 weird things about me :)

  3. I look forward to reading about your weirdnesses Pip and Maryanne.

  4. Probably doesn't surprise you that we have a few in common...No. 5 (only I'm still a bit anxious when crossing bridges), No 6 (I didn't know they were called "Egyptian feet") and No 7 (although I would be very sad if chocolat ceased to be part of my world...)